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    [2017-7-15] Stade De France, Paris, France

    Got my tickets for the 3 nights :)
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    Zone française

    si vous avez écouté le concert de Zurich hier soir, le son est excellent !
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    Zone française

    et non Nice un mardi soir c'est pas possible pour moi... je vais à Manchester et à Londres
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    Secret Santa 2015 #ChristmasIsComing (Cards are on their way!)

    I was not expecting to receive something anymore but it happened ! Thank you so much jeremyy !!!! I'll try to post pics later but I have issues with both my phone and my camera...
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    Secret Santa 2015 #ChristmasIsComing (Cards are on their way!)

    I haven't received anything yet, for the second year in a row. Let's hope !
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    [2015-12-17] Coldplaying Asks Coldplay - The Batman Interview

    great job Thalia ! the détails of your journey are very funny, the interview is amazing. Thank you again Thalia, thank you Coldplaying and thank you Coldplay ! Daylight is my favorite song too and I'm waiting for years to hear it live !
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    Secret Santa 2015 #ChristmasIsComing (Cards are on their way!)

    Glad you finally got it Thalia ! It took almost 2 weeks from France to Germany, longer than expected
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    Coldplay live in Offenbach Dec, 8th 2015, Free Tickets , Telekom Streetgigs

    no Stream in France, as Clairounette said
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    [2015-12-09] Salle Wagram, Paris, France

    nothing for me :(:(:(
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    Count to a million!

    66 583
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    Rank The 7 Coldplay Albums. New Challenger: AHFOD

    AROBTTH (Daylight) Parachutes (Shiver) X&Y (Square One) VLV (42) AHFOD (Up&Up) MX (ETIAW) GS (O)
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    Count to a million!

    66 577
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    Count to a million!

    66 548
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    Zone française

    ça fait un siècle que je n'ai pas posté ici... bonjour la France !
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    Ticket Exchange / Face Value Sales

    selling 2 tickets for Wembley on 16th. Reserved seats level 2
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    [2016-06-11] Stadion Letztgrund, Zurich, Switzerland

    I might go to this one but I'm waiting for the prices. I went in 2012 and it was really really expensive.
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    [2016-05-24] Stade Charles-Ehrmann, Nice, France

    The football European championship will take place in both Stade de France and Parc des Princes, tbat's why they can't play in Paris.
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    Where Are You Planning To Go?

    Manchester, Zurich and Wembley (18) Only on Saturdays because of work !