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  1. Best u Can

    Crests of Daylight/Glacial Fox/Crests, Foaming at the Mouth

    Wow! This is super crazy! A lot of things have happened since 2009. Can I delete all the embarrassing things I ever said on the internet? :p
  2. Best u Can

    The Awesome Random Posting Thread

    This is a totally random post. There is nothing that will make sense because of its randomness. How beautiful is this thought which is random? It is beautiful like a sparkle of a rainbow. Or it is beautiful like a dead bunny in a field of flowers. It is also sad, like a snowflake dancing in...
  3. Best u Can


    Goodbye ghost For this, I would lose my breath become an echo in the ground His hand that made clay has also cast down serpents and croaking beasts into a fiery abyss What a spectacle What a vision What sadness and fear What agony My soul sees them The dark visions The outcast ones It's...
  4. Best u Can

    When was the last time you...? game

    Lol really you did? I was pulled over over a year ago Fell asleep on the ground
  5. Best u Can

    Have you ever...?

    No HYE flown a kite for a kid
  6. Best u Can

    Would you rather...

    I would let my wife go with the nice girl :blush: Be a teddy bear or a real bear
  7. Best u Can

    wise sayings

    "Four things do not come back: the spoken word, the sped arrow, the past life, and the neglected opportunity." ~Arabic proverb "Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow." ~Rev. Dr. Ronald E. Osborn "Great ideas need landing gear as well as...
  8. Best u Can

    Would you rather...

    Never get sick Have flying powers or be a genius
  9. Best u Can

    Have you ever...?

    I'm not sure. I've had a moon pie :wacky: Held a baby
  10. Best u Can

    When was the last time you...? game

    Last Wednesday Wore goofy glasses
  11. Best u Can

    What are you thinking right now?

    Every time I think of what I'm thinking it turns out that I wish something was different about my personality.
  12. Best u Can

    Answer the question above you

    Hmmm banjo music What is your tv/movie guilty pleasure.
  13. Best u Can

    Facebook addict?

    I'm a little addicted. It's useful. Except I started following useless funny pages too :3
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    wise sayings

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Sometimes it's true. But how often?
  15. Best u Can

    The, What would you do with the Poster above you game

    I would sing to him in a nursing home When he is 80-90 years old because his time machine broke in the 40s.
  16. Best u Can

    "For A Million Dollars, Would You __________?" Game

    I would have to consult with my dentist about the cost of replacing them. Dentures don't sound fun either. Eat a live rattlesnake
  17. Best u Can

    Have you ever...?

    No HYE been to another continent
  18. Best u Can

    (game) The Next poster...

    No TNP has worked at a mall
  19. Best u Can

    The "OR" Game

    Elvis Cold Midnight or mid summer night
  20. Best u Can

    Do you........

    Yes but only if it's put to good use for friends & family. Do you believe in ghosts