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    Bloodless Revolution (Cover by NAES)

    Awesome cover! Mobile Link:
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    Coldplay is Sexual

    Found this on youtube and found Coldplay too.. :D Mobile Link: Yellow start in 11:45
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    Behind the Live Sound of Coldplay

    Daniel Green as he shares his approach to mixing Coldplay live at the Hollywood Bowl and discusses his favorite plugins for live sound. Mobile Link:
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    Fix You live debut in 2003???
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    Oceans (Instrumental Cover)

    Please watch VR's Awesome Oceans instrumental cover! Mobile Link:
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    SPEED OF SOUND VISUALS - Content Creation (Los Angeles sound stage)

    The video promo for “Speed of Sound” was shot on a Los Angeles sound stage on April 22-23, 2005. Shooting took place on large sets backed by large LED displays developed by Element Labs. The performance-based video was directed by Mark Romanek. The video features the band performing in front of...