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  1. The Jordanator

    Coldplay: Behind The Stage - Out December 11!

    Hi Coldplayers! This is to announce the new documentary Coldplay: Behind The Stage which will be released on December 11, 2018. Coldplay: Behind the Stage by Matt Salmon https://itunes.apple.com/nz/movie/coldplay-behind-the-stage/id1441625328 The film is directed by Matt Salmon and is rated...
  2. The Jordanator

    Talk Remix Interlude - Live 2008

    Hi Everybody! I have been perusing setlist.fm and notice a remix interlude for Talk was played on the Viva la Vida Tour in some locations in 2008 (e.g Summer Sonic in Japan and Philadelphia). Does anybody have a live recording of this in either mp3 or video format? One of my all time favorite...
  3. The Jordanator

    Coldplay Memes

    Chris: ‘Guys I’ve come up with a song we can play! Check it out!’ *blasts EDM* Will, Jonny and Guy: ‘No way we’re doing that oh ok fine let’s do it.’ Chris: ‘That’s my boys.’
  4. The Jordanator

    A L I E N S guitar tab!!

    For those of you who use the Ultimate Guitar Tabs app, you'll see there has been a major update which gives full access (tab pro, etc) to 'loyal users' who were on a free version. Additionally, there are Official Versions of Songs done by professional guitarists by the UG Team. So I submit my...