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    Rank the Ghost Stories songs!

    I'm not sure I can really rank them, because there are some that to me are equally great. #1 Ghost Story #2 A Sky Full Of Stars #3 True Love #4 Ink #5 O #6 Midnight #7 Always In My Head #8 Another's Arms #9 O (Reprise) #10 All Your Friends #11 Oceans #12 Magic Why they pushed Magic so hard, I...
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    Rank the Ghost Stories songs!

    Haven't posted on here in awhile, but thought I'd return to give an overall impression of Ghost Stories. Initial reaction wasn't so hot, but after several listens, I'm starting to understand that there's a lot more depth here than I originally imagined. It's obvious to me that Chris is letting...
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    "O" is gonna be my favorite track!

    I would be just fine if we saw all kinds of hints of Noel Gallagher in this album. Would be the best mashup to ever hit this planet.
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    Is Ghost Stories tour gonna be much like in 2003?

    I think it just means, "Hey, we've chilled out some". When you come off an album that was as flamboyant and bombastic as Mylo Xyloto, it's hard to go any further in that direction. They're starting back more towards their roots, which I think has been a very well timed thing. I can easily see...
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    Least favourite song from each album?

    Yeah, and you hate What If and Rainy Day. Now who's weird? Haha. :P
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    Ghost Story

    I'm all for this. Maybe something Cemeteries of Londonish if there are lyrics? Something that tells a story within the song.
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    O (part 2)

    According to the tracklist on Target.com there's only O and O (Reprise). I think Chris was just jotting down that Reprise is like a part 2. I could be wrong about that of course but I don't think it's a three part thing.
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    Least favourite song from each album?

    We Never Change Amsterdam Fix You (as insane as that may sound, cause I do like it) The Escapist (I guess? There was nothing about that album I didn't like) Princess of China (could have been one of the best on the album, but then Rihanna botched it just by being there) By the way, I...
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    Ghost Stories Target release

    Thanks guys. In a way I think watching a live performance like I did for MX at Glastonbury before the release of the album is cool, but I really hate knowing half of the album before it comes out. The only difference I guess is that we're already way closer to the release of the album than we...
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    Ghost Stories Target release

    What's the deal with this? Is this going to be a live show on television? I've not heard anything.
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    Ghost Stories Target release

    You're welcome. I'll be watching for any new stuff. :) Now that I've preordered this album, it seems like such a long time to have to wait for May 19th.
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    Ghost Stories Target release

    You're fantastic dude. I learned to play quite a few songs on the piano from your tutorials back in the Viva days. I especially remember your Glass of Water tutorial, which was really handy at the time because you were the only one who had a decent one. Anyway, don't mean to get off topic, just...
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    Ghost Stories Target release

    Don't blame you. By the way, are you the coldplaykb from YouTube with all the tutorials?
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    A Sky Full Of Stars!! (Out now - See first post)

    Oh good gracious, no, let's hope not. Liking the lyrics though as long as the delivery is good.
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    O (part 2)

    Don't get my hopes up now. Any similarity with Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends and I'll be happy.
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    Midnight Piano Cover

    I've been searching around on YouTube for a good Midnight tutorial to see what chords they're playing, but I've yet to find one that's very good for learning how to play. Has anyone experimented with this song enough to maybe give me some pointers?
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    Honestly, I wish they'd tip their hat to their first huge hit and have Chris running down the beach awkwardly staring at the camera and singing his heart out. That would make Oceans truly epic.
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    Midnight appreciation thread

    The first time I heard Midnight I thought I was going to cry out of disappointment… well not that bad but it was close. Now that I've seen how they're using it though, I really, really like it. Starting and ending the hype of this album with "Leave a light, a light on" is just brilliant. As said...
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    Excitement levels for Ghost Stories

    I was reasonably so, until I heard the news about the 3 bonus tracks. Now I'm very, very pumped. Midnight is great, Magic is meh but not their worst, Another's Arms is pretty good, and Always In My Head is just so so. The nice thing though is that those I listed are only a third of the album...
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    Ghost Stories Target release

    So here I come back to see that my thread was edited to reflect the changes made to Target's website (thanks for that guys) :) And now I'm happy to say that I am a proud owner of a preordered Deluxe Edition of Ghost Stories. The closest Target to me is an hour away, so I don't wanna show up and...