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    MAGIC VIDEO (Videos in first post)

    these part is always get me :laugh3::laugh3: [/URL][/IMG]
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    COOLLLLL !!! They will make new rules. Official Video for non-single song :dance:
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    Coldplay's Twitter

    Indonesia ROCK!! but they they still will not come here, so what's the point :cry:
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    Rate "Magic" and post your review/comments (New Poll - Magic music vid)

    Not my cup of tea..... boring :snore:
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    will LP6 booklet give us some lyrics?

    in this trilogy , theres no lyrics in recent albums booklet. Viva la vida and Mylo Xyloto booklet just give us some artwork and photos. Do you think that LP6 booklet will give us lyrics? Do you want lyrics on the booklet of the albums that you bought, or you think that lyrics is not necessary?
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    Hello, I love Coldplay, FUN, Avril and MIKA :)

    Hello, my name is Fe Brian. I'm 21 years old and from Indonesia. I've been a coldplayer since X&Y era. although I like a lot of music, but there are 4 of my favorite. Coldplay, FUN, MIKA and Avril Lavigne. They are unique,have characteristics that become their identity and they got the...