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    KROQ webcast?

    I just got home from the concert... the crowd was kinda dead :/ They were lively at some points... but ugh. There were these lame ladies in front of me.. before Coldplay even came on and they were playing The Beatles, she asked, "Is this a Coldplay song?" I wanted to SMACK HER!!!
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    2/4 The Forum in LA

    Trouble!!! Yes I'm so excited they're playing it :) I hope they decide to mix it up a little tomorrow night at The Pond and play Amsterdam...
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    2/4 LA PICTURES! (updated... again)

    amazing pictures!!!! I see them tomorrow night, I'm so excited :)
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    Los Angeles and/or Anaheim?

    I got such shitty seats... :( Oh well, I should just be thankful that I get to see them for the second time!!! I hate presales... I never get chosen for the lottery.. :(
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    any one have a extra password for anaheim show please?

    Anyone else have one? I'm freaking out over these tickets :( I hate to sound desperate but... I'll be crushed if I don't get any :(
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    Los Angeles and/or Anaheim?

    Oh.. is the KROQ password specific for just one person? If it's just a general presale password... I'd be soooo greatful if someone could PM it to me :)
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    Los Angeles and/or Anaheim?

    This is so confusing this time around.... I'm stressing!! I'll be so mad if I can't get tickets!
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    US Coldplay Presale Announcement

    Yay! my sister is buying ours since I'll be at school :) FIONA APPLE!! I can't wait!
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    Tour Presale Lottery E-Mail

    :( It's so annoying that they aren't releasing info like they are with the other states... if I don't get any tickets.. I'm gonna be mad!
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    Tour Presale Lottery E-Mail

    Ugh.. anyone in CA get anything? I used mine and my sister's emails, and got nothing. :( And the dates in LA aren't even on ticketmaster yet... don't tickets go on sale like.. FRIDAY? This is really starting to piss me off!!!
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    Death Cab For Cutie!

    I saw them live last night, they were awesome :) And the band that opened for them, called Stars, was reeally good as well.
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    Warning Sign - 16th December 2005

    They played Warning Sign at the show I went to in Irvine... it's 100000000000 times more beautiful live. I was in awe. I really, really hope they play it again!!!
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    Oooo The Pond! That's like 10 minutes away from my house :)
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    Anyone heard anything about LA yet? UGH why did they have to not anounce it??? I don't feel like listening to KROQ all day... but I'm stressing out, I want to know :angry:
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    Grrr.... anounce LA already! :(
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    YES!! If they play 2 nights around LA again.... I'm SO going both nights :D :D :D
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    Why not What If?

    I got What If at my show too :) Man.. the setlist of that show.. was PERFECT :)
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    So it is true!!!!

    Oh hell yeah!!! I'm so excited that I live near LA.. :)
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    Baby Apple likes hip-hop!

    AWWW!! I wish I could meet Apple, hahaha, she's so cute!!! I love little kids at her age :)
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    A New Jonny B-Day Thread!!!

    Happy birthday Jonny!!!!