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    The official **KEANE** thread

    Thanks for the link to the video! It's ok, not what I had in mind for the song and it's taking some of it's lyrics too seriously I think. And there's no real ending to it either - no conclusion or anything. I liked the scenes of the guys tho!
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    The official **KEANE** thread

    I LOVE Crystal Ball! Love the fairytale imagery in it. It's said to be the next single.. Looking forward to the video if that's the case! :D Someone said that the least immediate moments on this album are the most rewarding and that seems true. I didn't like Leaving So Soon? and Broken Toy on...
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    The official **KEANE** thread

    It really is amazing.. I'm on "A Bad Dream" right now and I could tell right away when I first watched that live video with crappy audio quality that this would be an amazing song and oh my it is... Fucking awesome. Sounds like a great album so far!
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    why do emo people sing?

    Emo is very last summer now isn't it? I'd choose to be a hippie over being an emo guy. Anytime! Ugh. Having long greasy hair and wearing tight girl pants isn't exactly an appealing thought. Flower power all the way :lol:
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    The official **KEANE** thread

    Keane are doing a podcast now each week it seems - you can download it from here (unless you really feel like using iTunes and stuff, in that case go to www.keanemusic.com ): http://www.keanemusic.com/keane-1.mp3 They talk about the new song Nothing In My Way, play loads of that (it sounds...
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    The official **KEANE** thread

    ^Yeah they seem to have. Haha. I believe that is the video version of Atlantic though, as it's just as long as the video. I'm glad the version on the album will be shorter. :)
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    Best Track from 'Eyes Open'

    Make This Go On Forever for me! I also love You Could Be Happy, Set The Fire To The Third Bar and Hands Open. The only track I don't like is Headlights On Dark Roads.. Sorry but I find it duller than dishwater!
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    The official **KEANE** thread

    You can watch and/or download the video here: http://www.guba.com/general/video/search?contentMaturity=1&contentType=1&expandedSubcategory=&query=keane&x=0&y=0&mst=31&fields=7 I just saw it.. Really dark and weird, but also very interesting and.. different! Love the ending, even tho it's...
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    Hardest Part Vid on channel 4 uk

    I just saw this on the Coldplayer.. WTF? Worst Coldplay vid ever. It wasn't even funny.. RIP X&Y. Talk about killing off a good album.
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    The Snow Patrol Thread

    You can listen to the new single at their site. It sounds good but somehow the vocalists voice sounds different this time around.. :S
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    Favourite X&Y video so far

    Fix You by far! SOS was great if not a little bit boring.. And I seem to be the only one but I hated the Talk video. So yeah.
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    Video from VHS to my Computer

    I don't know much about it myself but at this forum I'm the admin of a guy posted a full guide on how to do it.. Link
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    Rate the signature above you

    10 for you! Love the pic
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    Is your country expensive?

    500ml bottle of coke - about 1.6$ Chewing gum - about 1$ Norway's really expensive..
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    Most highly-anticipated albums of 2006 for you

    Alexis Strum - Cocoon (March 27th) Snow Patrol - Eyes Open (May 1st) Eskobar - Eskobar (May) Britta Persson - TBA (May) Keane - TBA (Early summer) Siobhan Donaghy - TBA (Summer)
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    A-Z of artist names

    O - Orenda Fink
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    Pictures, webcams, mugshots etc etc etc

    ^Wow... Very nice pic! Piercing looks great on you ;)
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    OMG ... Sugababes covering the Arctic Monkeys ...

    Here you go: http://rapidshare.de/files/14874786/I_bet_you_look_good_on_the_dancefloor.mp3.html It's quite catchy but I prefer the original version.
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    What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

    KT Tunstall - Black Horse and the Cherry Tre
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    Rate the Coldplay song above you

    7/10 - it's good but not great! Gravity (Studio version)