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  1. JM-42

    Random Coldplay thoughts...

    Yeah they have done it in more than one ocassion. On top of my head is Chris revealing the "Viva La Vida" album title in a cryptic studio update video in december of 2007. So if they haven't already, they probably will at some point I think.
  2. JM-42

    Do you think Coldplay's newest album will be influenced by/as good as Oldplay?

    Have to admit I missed all the speculations posts in here. But gotta say, after AHFOD, I'm actually really pessimistic about the band's musical direction. I feel like they're at the point where they can release almost anything and it will still be successful, so there's really no need for them...
  3. JM-42

    Best Coldplay song ever in your opinion + why

    I like Amsterdam a lot.
  4. JM-42

    LP8 Thread - Coldplay's Upcoming Album

    Even with these all these updates about Guy being in LA, I'm still pretty sure late 2019 is when all things are going to break lose. I was sort of expecting for them to show up for any of the big summer festivals but well, certainly it won't happen this year. 2018 was, for sure, their off-year...
  5. JM-42

    Guy's Instagram project (Synchro Sunday)

    Well, he's doing the Project based on the fact he found his old CD's after a while. Still, seems like Guy's really into "dad rock" lol
  6. JM-42

    LP8 Thread - Coldplay's Upcoming Album

    I think they were talking about what ended up being The Butterfly Package, that's my theory anyways.
  7. JM-42

    A Head Full of Dreams Film - In Cinemas Nov.14

    I disagree. I think stadium tours are kind of the norm for huge artist right now. Specially since we are in the streaming era and touring tickets are the main money source of the industry. I'm sure the guys will tour again. Even their management hinted at it, even if they said it's not going to...
  8. JM-42

    A Head Full of Dreams Film - In Cinemas Nov.14

    Well seems I'm late for the whole reaction/review thing (crazy week at work) but this film exceeded all my expectations. I didn't expect them to use so many b-sides and leser known songs but this really had a good balance for diehard fans and casuals. 10/10 would watch forever.
  9. JM-42

    Coldplay: Behind The Stage - Out December 11!

    This looks so uninteresting
  10. JM-42

    Interview: Mat Whitecross on #AHFODfilm

    Loved this interview. It has gotten me so hyped for the movie!
  11. JM-42

    Worst Coldplay Songs Ever!

    I know opinions are subjective but Paradise is a great hit, at least commercially speaking. It's their only their 2nd Number 1 song in the UK after Viva la Vida.
  12. JM-42

    A Head Full of Dreams Film - In Cinemas Nov.14

    Was a little hesitant at first but just bought my ticket. I'm used to go to concerts and shows in general alone so it should be fine. Just hope I don't break down or anything during the emotional parts lmao. So hyped for this!
  13. JM-42

    The Butterfly Package - AHFOD Live Album/Movie

    Even after is officially done, this whole AHFOD era has been such a mess. Remember the Hypnotised app? lol I guess the "Live in Sao Paulo" DVD is going to be the actual audio from that show and they'll mix a lot of footage from other concerts on it.
  14. JM-42

    The Butterfly Package - AHFOD Live Album/Movie

    It is true. They 2 CD live album is the complete November 15th Buenos Aires show.
  15. JM-42

    The Butterfly Package - AHFOD Live Album/Movie

    if you zoom into this: https://cdn.ontourmedia.io/fanfire/images/product/zoom/COL/COL84279-3.jpg you can see is not. seems like the song has been scrapped completely since it was never properly released.
  16. JM-42

    The Butterfly Package - AHFOD Live Album/Movie

    man I'm at work and can't stop smiling. what a gorgeous album cover! kind of a bummer that is only available on dvd but two live concerts is unprecedent, even if both are around 90% the same setlist. should be a good christmas present for myself!
  17. JM-42

    A Head Full of Dreams Film - In Cinemas Nov.14

    Maybe an unpopular opinion but I’d rather get this documentary (which, from the trailer, looks awesome!) than a Live album. We already got 2 of those and while the AHFOD concerts were pretty cool the only songs I’d kinda like to see in a live setting are the opener, AOAL and U&U. Most of the...
  18. JM-42

    ===The ultimate Oldplaying Thread===S, BS, TBR, P, AROBTTH, X&Y, VLV, PM===

    For some reason they usually play 'Parachutes' whenever they're in Brazil and/or Mexico so my next goal is go to a show there
  19. JM-42

    Coldplay: Life in Technicolor by Debs Wild (book out on 4 October)

    I wish I wasn't broke so I could get this but maybe before end of year if things go well