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    /// Baker's Dozen Game ///

    12 songs with any colour in the title: 1.Yellow 2.Green Eyes 3.Yellow Submarine 4.Purple Rain 5.Black Star 6. Blue dress 7.Lady in red 8. goodbye blue sky 9. Blue Black
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    Best movie ever

    So good! :D The other best ones: Moulin Rouge, Garden State Amelie from Montmartre and Big Fish.
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    How was the first time you received Bling?

    What the heck is bling good for? :angry: :P
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    Are you religious?

    That was very interesting to read about since in school my class has just finished working about Native american history. I don't really know why, but reading that reminds me of our very old Swedish traditions we have around midsummer, the feeling and atmosphere here around midsummer's Eve is...
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    Does anyone collect anything?

    I collect CD's! :idea2:
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    Last person ... (GAME)

    a friend last person you pushed?
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    Ten reasons why you should date a geek

    This topic should be renamed as "Ten reason why you should date Ren" :P
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    /// Baker's Dozen Game ///

    Cheating! You never completed the smiely list. I liked that list. :angry:
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    Are you religious?

    Agnostic. I'm not practising any existing religion, I only believe in one (buddhism) but I don't think that when we die there's only bones and dust. Something like karma just have to excist for me.
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    Have you ever met anyone from Coldplaying/The net?

    I've met ea lot of people from the net. (Even one who's a member here :lipsrsealed2: ) The best is when some from a music board decides to visit the same concert. Hey, you should do that here, big Coldplay gig somewhere! :D
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    The truth about my space :o

    Haha. a lot of this is true of course. Though I like the dark close up's..it's mysterious :P
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    I am currently listening to....

    Beatles - Eleanor Rigby
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    The best voices in music!

    Daniel Bellqvist (Eskobar) Fran Healy (Travis) Erlend Öye (Kings of Convenience) Eirik Böe (K.o.C.) Nick Drake Even Johansen (Magnet) Chris Martin Andrea Corr (The Corrs) Heather Nova Sophie Zelmani Anna Ternheim One female voice I don't like, against most people, is Fiona Apple...
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    The official "I hate James Blunt" Thread

    I can't say I really hate anyone, it's such a waste of energy and stupid to hate anyone. I don't like him though, and that's it.
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    Top 10 artists of all time! CLOSED!!!!!

    1. Eskobar 2. The Soundtrack of Our Lives 3. The Corrs 4. Kings of Convenience 5. Travis 6. Coldplay 7. The Wannadies 8. Kent 9. Kristofer Åström & Hidden Truck 10. The Shins (Asuming this was bands only, no artists)
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    famous people you've met

    I've met the band Eskobar sometimes