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  1. J


    Whoops that was the last listened to, I dont know how to put the weekly one up here..
  2. J


  3. J

    The New album is done

    I thought I heard a new song at a restaurant tonight, I havent listened to any coldplay in months though. Came on here tonight and am very happy to hear that a new album is done, looking forward to it!!
  4. J


    my cat was sick, so I had to put a bucket on her head. She had an abcess on her backside.
  5. J


    The point was.. that I don't see anyone that I recognize from the time that I was here before. So either, people have changed their names or have left. But hello :)
  6. J

    Rate the latest movie you've seen

    Departed 8/10 Really liked it, great cast...and I am still laughing about the Baboo comment in the conveinence store.
  7. J


    Hi... I've been away for some time. This board looks completly different and all I see is new members. Any oldies around?
  8. J


    It's ok. I find them pretty boring, but alright.
  9. J


    I really, really like the new album.
  10. J


    They have a new song on their myspace site. Was I the other Canadian? haha
  11. J

    Heard of Duncan Sheik?

    He had that one hit single, "Barely Breathing".
  12. J

    The New Pornographers

    It's an edge next big thing show. And the only way to win is through the inside edge.
  13. J

    How much water do you drink a day?

    Not Enough.
  14. J

    The official Coldplay very long holiday (break up) thread

    If they are breaking up, it is a very good time to do it I think.
  15. J

    The New Pornographers

    It is a Canadian band.
  16. J

    The New Pornographers

    ^ :lol:
  17. J

    What should I buy?

    John Frusciante - To Record Only Water For Ten Days
  18. J

    The New Pornographers

    I like them too. I hope I get chosen for that free Edge show.
  19. J

    Brokeback Mountain

    I saw it this weekend.. it was great. Gay cowboy love !!! Oh baby!
  20. J

    Mark's Britney Spears Thread

    nice car..... Ummm.. why do we care what she doing? Just leave the girl alone I say.