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    Guilty Pleasure Music

    Well I'm a West Coast struttin', one bad mutha, got a rattlesnake suitcase under my arm. Said I'm a mean machine, been drinkin' gasoline and honey you can make my motor hum... Another one: Van Halen's Jump. Whenever I hear that synth on the radio, I want to be an '80s movie finishing...
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    Guilty Pleasure Music

    What... is even going on in that video... And why isn't Europop on my music player yet... The guiltiest of the guilty: RuPaul. RuPAUL 06, Champion - YouTube Totes jealous of his boogie.
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    Paradise *OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO!* (Youtube Video In First Post, plus 1-10 elephant poll))

    Yes! Ugh, when I thought of the serious video they were going to do with this song I almost couldn't bear it :P So happy they went with a lighthearted version. I was smiling throughout the whole thing.
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    An important public service announcement. Please read.

    Oh my god I lost my shit. This gif is awfularious
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    What do you think of the new song 'Paradise'?

    I listened to it 3 times when it came out, and in the end I just felt one. Big."Meh." I've not had the desire to go back to it since. I never thought I'd be one to say "I miss the old Coldplay," but this song is so completely cookie-cutter. In this 'experimentation' it's like they've lost their...
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    HAPPY 33RD BIRTHDAY, CHRIS! (March 2nd)

    Happy 33rd, Chris!!! ...Wow. It's been that long. Feel like I'm saying this to an old friend, here :P
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    Post pictures of the gorgeous Chris

    I really like this pic. I tore the page out from Entertainment Weekly -- it's on me door now :P
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    **Official Countdown to Jonny's Birthday **

    I love those gifs so much. HAPPY 32nd BIRTHDAY JONNY!!! Now you can finally take that cap off... even if only to put a party hat on :lol:
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    Post pictures of the gorgeous Chris

    How the hell have I not seen this yet?! Oh my God. I saw the VLV vid when it came out and it was a bit of a disappointment to me... This video is WAY more of what I envision whenever I listen to the song. It's brilliant... wow. (I do miss the whole band throughout most of it though.)
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    Post pictures of the gorgeous Chris

    Guys -- I haven't kept up on everything Coldplay's done (bad me) -- and I am wondering, what video are these pics from? They look so cool.
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    Coldplay - The Movie

    It's scary.
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    Coldplay - The Movie

    Guy = Joseph Fiennes ...or just some animatronics. :P
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    Viva el Cantante! - My drawing of Chris

    Thanks! Ah, you don't like the "hot air balloon" look? :P
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    Viva el Cantante! - My drawing of Chris

    YES, that's it! Thanks, I appreciate it! :D
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    Viva el Cantante! - My drawing of Chris

    Thanks KingChris! :lol: The one I used for the drawing -- same pose and everything. The only place I can remember seeing it is in the first Viva la Vida tour program, in the Chris section.
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    Viva el Cantante! - My drawing of Chris

    Thanks guys :) I have a favor to ask... If one of you happens to have that photo of Chris on hand (er, on file...), could you post it? There are so many picture threads/galleries and I cannot go through thousands of pages looking for it right now. :P
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    LMAO Guy! That was the pic I was looking for! I think Will is the champ of pedosmiles.
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    Chris sound alike

    He does sound like Chris sometimes. Here's another sound-alike. I heard it in the mall a long time ago and it tripped me out: YouTube - Blue Merle - Burning In The Sun
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    Donor Look-a-likes! Want a Chris baby?

    Vain and creepy. If you're so obsessed with celebrities that you want to get plastic surgery to look like them -- whatever, your own body, I guess. But wanting to influence your kid's looks for the same reason? How obsessed do you have to be?