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    Battle Of The Musical Acts 2007: Round 3

    1 Death Cab For Cutie vs. Arcade Fire 2 Blur vs. Snow Patrol 3 Radiohead vs. The Beatles 4 Sigur Rós vs. Keane Go Keane!
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    Battle of the Musical Acts 2007: Round 2

    1 Oasis vs. Arcade Fire 2 The Beatles vs. Muse Tough one... but let's hear it for the new scene! Too bad Muse will lose so early because of this, though... 4 Keane vs. Arctic Monkeys 5 Blur vs. Mew 6 Sigur Rós vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers 7 Snow Patrol vs. The strokes 8 U2 vs. Radiohead
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    Battle of the Musical Acts 2007: Round One Voting

    2 The Beatles vs. Dashboard Confessional Cause... DUH! 3 Sigur Rós vs. REM Loosing my religion ;) 4 Arcade Fire vs. Explosions In The Sky I've heard few songs, but I like AF 6 Radiohead vs. The Clash Huge influence 7 Blur vs. The Killers The Killers are OVERRATED =P 8 U2 vs...
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    Battle of the Musical Acts 2007: Discussion

    Muse Roger Waters U2 Oasis Jethro Tull
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    [Favourite Albums Of All-Time Poll] VOTING THREAD

    1. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here 2. Oasis - What's the Story (Morning Glory) 3. Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head 4. U2 - The Joshua Tree 5. The Beatles - Revolver 6. The Seatbelts - Cowboy Bebop OST I: Cowboy Bebop 7. Keith Jarrett - Country 8. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon...
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    Qué ondas??

    Jaja holas, me llamo Diego, soy de México y espero que Coldplay se presente por acá pronto! Coldplay ownzzzzzz! :cool:
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    Red-hot Coldplay Plans Spring 2006 Tour

    Really? :o Are they really coming here? Where did you hear that, can anybody confirm this? I've been waiting for months now to see wether Coldplay was coming down here again, they came on their AROBTTH tour and it was aaawesome... Man, I hope they come!