a rush of blood to the head

  1. D

    B-Side EPs

    If all the b-sides from the AROBTTH and X&Y eras were each released as EPs, what order would you list the songs and would you leave any out? A Rush of Blood To The Head era One I Love I Bloom Blaum 1’ 36" I Ran Away Crests of Waves Animals Murder Moses (Live) X&Y era Things I Don’t...
  2. coldplay13

    crest of waves..

    So I was sitting in my Physics class this morning and we started a new unit on waves. It got me thinking about the song "crest of waves".... crest meaning high point of the wave (in the song content, meaning "life".. It allowed me to interpret the song (plus not pay attention :| LOL ) as the...
  3. R

    AROBTTH Survival Series

    I posted this on r/Coldplay, but I'll post it here too. Hi! I saw something like this on the Weezer subreddit, do I decided to do one here! Basically, vote for your favorite song. The one with the least amount of votes at the end of each round is eliminated! Here it is!
  4. L

    Clocks vocal cover.

    Hey all. I recorded a vocal cover of 'Clocks'. Would love your feedback :) Cheers, Josh.
  5. C

    References to other Coldplay songs/albums in AHFOD?

    Thought I'd start this since I felt like there quite a few call-backs, but I might have missed some. Notice any references to other Coldplay albums/songs in the new record? I caught (and I'm sure others noticed): "So if you love someone, you should let them know Oh, the light that you left me...