ahfod tour

  1. coldplay13

    New Coldplay dates?!?

    Do you think they'll announce new dates (for NA at least)? looking through the current schedule, there's gaps (but I'm over thinking, maybe just for breaks). I would love to see Coldplay again in my home state of Michigan.
  2. S

    Who's going to Paris on 18th July 2017 gig?

    Hi guys, I bought my ticket to their tour in Paris on July 18th 2017 back in November but I've got no one to go with :( - so far. I'm just wondering if anyone here is going to this concert and don't mind if I tag along and sing and cry out loud with you? I saw coldplay in Abu Dhabi on NYE...
  3. Charleyyy

    Some questions about AHFOD Tour!

    Hey everyone! My mum, best friend and I will be attending our first Coldplay concert in Paris next year. I have a few questions! 1. How early should we get there, considering we would like to be quite close, but not too close (Special effects/lights etc). 2. If we have standing, I'm assuming...
  4. A

    Can Someone Give Me A Review of a AHFOD TOUR Show?

    I'm going to the show in LA at the Rose Bowl and I'm interested in hearing how people's experiences have been on the tour so far. I'm going to be in the far far back and I'm worried everyone around me won't be too engaged in the show, sitting down, etc. I'd appreciate it if people could leave...
  5. Clairounette

    playlist played before the show (AHFOD Tour)

    HELLO, I'm looking for ONE song Coldplay are playing between the 2 supports act (I have heard in Mexico, Manchester and Zurich) ! it was already here in 2012 I have one video please help me this song make me crazy ! Thanks
  6. Kamili

    New European dates 2017?

    Hi everyone, what do you think of other european dates? I know that nobody knows, but what do you think of another countries which were not included until now? I HOPE for some other country!!!!
  7. R

    New to the page!

    Hi guys, great to see how much appreciation is shown for the band, I have a quick question however, I'm going to see Coldplay for my first time ever on June 7th at Hampden Park in Glasgow, Scotland after many years of adoring the band and their beautiful art work. I was wondering, do any of you...
  8. S

    The Coldplaying Chorus Project

    EDIT 9: Here it is: Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMArt0ue2dU To everybody at Coldplay HQ with love, From Coldplaying. Audio Link: Mobile Link: https://soundcloud.com/suhit-1/the-coldplaying-chorus-project EDIT 8: #ColdplayingChorusProject coming soon. EDIT 7: Submissions...