1. Buggian

    "The most cleverest keyboard"

    I saw a cover of The Monkee's I'm A Believer and I'm wondering what that thing Chris is holding, any ideas?
  2. A

    Afraid of going to the concert alone

    I've never been to any concert when I was through the teenager period. But this time, I couldn't help myself but buy a ticket because !!! Coldplay is coming to Brisbane!?? It's such a miracle that I can actually get to hear their music in live. Thing is, I am newbie to Queensland (Australia)...
  3. tekjansen505

    GA1/GA2 Separate Doors?

    Hi there! Really new Coldplayer from Melbourne, but I bought flights to Brisbane to secure the cheap flights, and I have a couple of friends to hit the Brisbane concert with... (as well as the Melbourne ones, I'm so excited!) The only thing is, they have GA1 entry, and there's only GA2 left on...