1. MC01Coldplay

    WONDERFUL ADVENTURE (AHFOD - rearragened/remade by MC01) DOWNLOAD

    WONDERFUL ADVENTURE by MC01 EDIT: Fixed link with newer updated version DOWNLOAD: NOTE: The version on my SoundCloud is still unfinished. The download above is the final, FINAL version...
  2. T

    Acoustic Guitar in Birds?

    I saw this interview: Mobile Link: And the interviewer asks (at around 8:00) about the acoustic guitar with lots of mistakes, from Birds. Turns out Chris just left it in, but I'm wondering: Where do I hear this guitar? I've listened to the song 6 times in a...
  3. A

    Birds/flying as a theme.

    I've always been interested in this recurring theme in Coldplay songs. I decided to put together a list of how prominent it really is. I came up with Birds, up & up- HFOD O- Ghost Stories Up with the Birds- Mylo Xyloto Now my feet won't touch the ground- Prospekt's March Speed of Sound-X&Y...