1. ThatGirlMyra

    Favourite Era Of Chris?

    I'm sure this has been done before, so sorry if I'm copying you! But it's pretty simple: just comment your favourite year of Chris Martin, as he seems to change style and looks each year. If you want to divulge why, feel free! My two personal favourites is Chris in 1999. He's just so adorably...
  2. ChrisMartinFan

    William and Christopher

    Am I the only one who adores the relationship between these two? Will always seems so protective of Chris <3 While Jonny is kind of like the nice, pretty girl at school who's pigtails get pulled on because Chris has the most enormous crush on her, Will seems like the frustrated but loving...
  3. C

    The (very) low chords from Low

    I don't know nothing about the tuning, that's (obviously) not standard Intro and chorus |-0--0--0--0--| |-1--1--0--2--| |-0--2--0--0--| x1 in the intro, x2 in the chorus |-2--2--2--2--| |-3--0--2--0--| |-3-----0-----| |--0--| |-13--| |--0--|In the chorus, sometimes it is the first C/G shape...
  4. I

    What acoustic guitar does Chris use?

    Hello eveyone! I can't find which guitar he's using now, I think it's the same he used on GS era. I know it's a "Martin" guitar, but don't know the model. Thanks!
  5. Fraetes

    whoooohoooo singalong poll

    I am curious: Do You sing along with Chris or Will during the end chorus?
  6. D

    Chris - mental health? persona

    I'm extremely impressed by how Chris conducts himself. He seems tremendously calm/happy. He listens as intently as anyone I've seen. He's so kind to people. In an interview, he said he worked hard at this, but didn't elaborate. QUESTION: How did he get so chill/kind? I've heard him talk...
  7. girl_in_the_band_tshirt

    What Is Chris Reading Here In This Picture/Clip?

    Alright, here's a silly one for you :P I've been trying to work this out for ages. Anyone know what book Chris is reading here? I have a strong feeling it's Dickens, but not sure. Ideas?