1. IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8

    Coldplay Views 2020!

    Views will uploaded here! At the end of the year, 2020 AVG, MAX, MIN, SUM (Also what could be the number for next year in months) will be posted as well! 16 Pages, 7 videos each: 112 videos total. Will be updated at the end of each month, around 11:30 PM Central time, USA.
  2. L

    Clocks - Piano Cover with a full sheet music

    This is my 2nd attempts in making this post. The first post just disappeared. Not sure what happened to it! Here's my piano rendition of this lovely song: View: If you liked this rendition, feel free to check out the attached pdf that I have...
  3. Jdckcom

    Viva La Vida vs. Everyday Life

    Hi everyone! So Viva La Vida is and will always be my favorite album by the band and after hearing this record I could not stop thinking how much listening to this new music made me feel reminiscent of the wonder and excitement of the VLV era. I know there are many diferences between this two...
  4. T

    What about Nietzsche

    Hello everybody. I was surfing and listening to indie music. I have been listening to Matteo Palermo EP “A coffee with Nietzsche” and now I’m curious to know when the Band album will be released and which thred will have the album. I was reading about the misteroius poster appeared in Sao...
  5. OldKidsOnTheBlock

    Chris Martin Tattoos

    I've been wondering for a while now what the circle tattoos on Chris' hands mean? I have recently watched an interview with his sister and she as well has a tattoo of one of those circles on her arm. Does anybody know the meaning?
  6. G

    Coldplay Using Autotune

    I don't really care that much about how they have been using autotune in recent shows but alot of people still don't know that they do in fact use autotune. Basically i went through the A Head Full Of Dreams documentary and found footage of the concert in France on July 15th 2017 indicated...
  7. J

    Love In Tokyo!

    Hello everyone! Here I share with you Coldplay's album, that's only available in Japan, Love In Tokyo! This was released alongside the release of The Butterfly Package on Dec. 7th. Setlist: 01 - A Head Full Of Dreams 02 -...
  8. FrankSchepers

    New registered Coldplay songs!

    Hey Guys, So this whas just a post from me to announce that a song whas added to the repertory of Johny somewhere in April. But I decided to edit it to a post where we can all share our thoughts on new registered songs and bump each other if a new song got added. You can check if a new song...
  9. IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8

    The Escapist (Extended)

    The extended part is at 2:37. It was either this or Fly On for my dad's funeral, I went with Fly On Instead. Mobile Link:
  10. TealAppeal

    Name Artist |or| Band for Coldplay Collab

    Hello. Not sure if this thread has ever been created before so I'm making this. If one has been posted before, please moderators feel free to merge this into that topic. Thank you. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Quick overview about this thread topic. This is your opinions / thoughts on...
  11. KKOPPI

    MIDNIGHT - one man band COVER

    Hi Folks Been a while since I've logged on to Coldplaying - but I wanted to share my new cover of Midnight with you. I decided to give the ending a 'free interpretation' !
  12. IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8

    Coldplay Video Views 2019 (YouTube)

    Video Views from Jan will be posted here on FEB 1. 13 pages each with 7 videos each. I'm Probably the only one who does this in the entire world.
  13. IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8

    Reverse Coldplay Songs?

    Am I the only one that adores the band’s music in reverse? Well I think most of Coldplay’s songs are amazing backwards, especially the singles from all albums. Viva La Vida was the very first song I heard backwards. Then Clocks, then The Scientist. I think it’s a 50/50 for most of the reversed...
  14. ChristopherM

    Band members Scotland- song writing feedback

    Dear Coldplayers I am a huge fan and inspired by Coldplay’s music I have written some of my own songs . I play piano and guitar as well as singing, and I wondered if any of you fellow fans would mind reading over lyrics I have written, and listening to my songs and giving feedback. Or if any...
  15. M

    New on here, hey folks :)

    Hey guys! First time I've ever joined a place like this, but I have read through countless threads on here over the years, I feel that it's time haha. Feel free to say hey! My name's Marley, I'm 23 and from Portsmouth in the UK. Even though I was only 5 & 7 when Coldplay released their first...
  16. Libor

    New music from Coldplay

    Chris Martin Campaign: So... we hear a rumour that new music is already being recorded! Maybe next year we will get to hear it and it will be an amazing day when we do! Mobile Link:
  17. SHMusic


    Hi there! My name is Steven and I’m a singer-songwriter & musician. Feel free to check out my music :) Note: My cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist” can be heard...
  18. IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8

    My Top Ten Coldplay Songs (Reversed)

    just wanted to share my top 10 Favorite Coldplay Songs but reversed. I’m not good at reviews/explaining things very well so bear with me on that. 1: ASFOS 2: Midnight 3: Ink 4: VLV 5: The Scientist 6: ETIAW 7: In My Place 8: Fix You 9: Clocks 10: Speed Of Sound
  19. A

    Check out this PODCAST that deep-dives through Coldplay’s discography!

    Hello coldplaying! I actually posted about this months ago just as we got started, but now ALL the episodes are finally out and binge-ready for your listening pleasure! My brother and I are huge music nerds and Coldplay fans, and we started a new podcast “TOP FIVE DISCO”, where we discuss...
  20. IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8

    Which Coldplay Songs do you think best match up together as a pair/sound similar?

    As the title says, what two Coldplay songs do you think best match up together as a pair/sound similar? You can name more than 1 pair. For starters; Clocks & Speed Of Sound.