1. brobbins

    I made a little movie!

    Call me adventurous or over the top, but I created a video (short film?) of my still photos and video clips from the Chicago concert my 9-year-old daughter and I went to with her best friend in August. It's set to Coldplay live music, mostly actual audio clips from the Chicago show. You'll see...
  2. S

    Intro Video for Seated Concerts

    Hey y'all. I was wondering whats the best way to try and get into the intro video for the concerts with seats. Like no one will be lining up, so how do they select whos gonna be in the video?
  3. coldplay13

    Seat upgrades

    Anyone here gotten an upgrade from their seats to front row? Applies to American shows, I guess. What are your tips of doing so? I went to Chicago concert and made a poster. (2 months ago, I was planning to design an apparel but with a college summer class; I became too busy to prepare.)...
  4. S

    Newbie in San Francisco!

    Fellow Coldplayer here!, I'll be going to the Coldplay concert on October 4th in SF and wondered if someone could accompany me or I could join someone to spend the intense night with :) It's 3 months away but I'm already excited for my first concert!
  5. RealRece

    Birthday Gift: Coldplay Tickets... Question

    Hello there everyone! I was hoping someone could find me tickets that would be located near the C-Stage at the Levi's Stadium in SF Oct. 04 (I PREFER LEVI'S STADIUM) or the Rose Bowl concert in LA Oct. 06. Now, I don't mean buy me a ticket (although that would be awesome LOL) But if someone...
  6. M

    Munich Coldplayers out there?

    Hi Everyone! Someone from munich? And if you are, why do you like/love coldplay? Feel free to write anything! I'm goint to be on the coldplay concert on 6.06.2017, so it would be great to know if there are some from this forum too! :)
  7. BuckinParadise

    Ticket Exchange / Face Value Sales

    Selling Tickets *Becky*: 2x standing Olympiastadion, Berlin (29 June 2016) ciaA26: 2x standing Etihad Stadium, Manchester (4 June 2016) Raphaele: 2x seats level 2, Wembley Stadium, London (16 June 2016) Wanted Tickets minhku: 3x Wembley Stadium, London (18 June 2016) Believer: 2x front of...
  8. L

    First time Coldplay concert goer here!

    Hi everyone! It will be my first time to watch a Coldplay concert, and I have two choices: (pics below) 1. Go for a standing ticket (VIP, near stage) in an open space. (not an arena or stadium) - Manila Concert (Platinum Ticket, light green) 2. Go for a stadium concert but we're placed at...
  9. CrisAngeles

    [2017-04-04] Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, Manila, PHILIPPINES

    Coldplay's A Head Full of Dreams 2017 Tour makes its way to the shores of Manila, Philippines. Catch them live on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 on the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Ticket selling information: Globe Pre-Sale 11.20 at 9am - 9pm (info: [closed]...
  10. Charleyyy

    Some questions about AHFOD Tour!

    Hey everyone! My mum, best friend and I will be attending our first Coldplay concert in Paris next year. I have a few questions! 1. How early should we get there, considering we would like to be quite close, but not too close (Special effects/lights etc). 2. If we have standing, I'm assuming...
  11. A

    Afraid of going to the concert alone

    I've never been to any concert when I was through the teenager period. But this time, I couldn't help myself but buy a ticket because !!! Coldplay is coming to Brisbane!?? It's such a miracle that I can actually get to hear their music in live. Thing is, I am newbie to Queensland (Australia)...
  12. tekjansen505

    GA1/GA2 Separate Doors?

    Hi there! Really new Coldplayer from Melbourne, but I bought flights to Brisbane to secure the cheap flights, and I have a couple of friends to hit the Brisbane concert with... (as well as the Melbourne ones, I'm so excited!) The only thing is, they have GA1 entry, and there's only GA2 left on...
  13. guy42

    [2016-07-22] Y98 Winner Interviews Coldplay’s Chris Martin

    Mobile Link: Y98 gave one lucky listener an experience she will never forget. Kristin Williams was caller #9 and not only won tickets to Coldplay’s concert, but received the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes interview with frontman Chris Martin. Photo by: Y98...
  14. karvi22

    Share your favourite Coldplay live video

    I think this could be fun. Share your favourite Coldplay live performance: - Have you ever seen them on live? Then share a video of the concert you went to! - If you haven't gone to a concert yet, just put a video of your favourite live performance :) I'll start with Trouble. I was so lucky...
  15. karvi22

    A Coldplay concert brought me here...

    Hi everybody! I just discovered this web two days ago but I already love it. It feels good to share my Coldplay passion with other people. I've always been a huge fan, but recently I went to my first Coldplay concert and now I think I love the band even more than before! That's why I've been...
  16. F

    Need help surprising my girlfriend

    [Was recommended by Reddit to come post here] So my girlfriend and I have tickets to the upcoming Coldplay concert in New Jersey / New York at Metlife Stadium July 16th. I was thinking that during the concert would be the best time for me to "pop the question". I would love to do it on stage...