1. Daffy


    Hello, everybody!! I am going to be recording a cover of I Ran Away, but I am not skilled enough to pull off the drum track. I would like to know if anybody is able to post their drum covers for I Ran Away here, I will choose the best one, and credit you as the drummer, and hopefully get this...
  2. Daffy

    {Request} Original isolated tracks for bass, keys, piano, drums, guitar, and vocals for Clocks?

    Hello, everybody! I have been into Clocks for a year now, and I think it's time that I finally got the original high quality isolated tracks for each instrument! I really want to hear what it sounds like, and learn the techniques, as well as just have fun! -Thank you so much!!
  3. G

    Will's Drumming in AHFOD

    Has anyone noticed Will's tremendous drumming on this album? There are some compression issues limiting the dynamics somewhat, but his fingerprints are all over this album, often leading the way and breathing life into the songs. Each and every song has its unique percussive sound (and beat)...