elimination game

  1. LeftrightleftArchi

    Artwork Elimination Game (A Rush of Blood to the Head-Era)

    Hey everyone! I'm back with the next game in this series. The AROBTTH game has officially started! In My Place - 2002 A Rush of Blood to the Head - 2002 The Scientist - 2002 Clocks - 2002 God Put a Smile Upon Your Face - 2003 Live 2003 - 2003 This round is going to be really tough...
  2. karvi22

    A new elimination game!

    Hi guys! As some of you know, I started a thread to name your 5 favourite CP songs: http://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/name-your-top-5-coldplay-songs.107602/ Then I had the idea to start a new elimination game (I really love them lol) with the most popular songs in the thread, so...
  3. LeftrightleftArchi

    Artwork Elimination Game

    Since the HFTW artwork has been released, it's officially time to start the Artwork Elimination Game! I have included albums, singles, and other songs with artworks that have their own creative art. Here are the arts: Safety E.P (1998) - ELIMINATED Brothers And Sisters E.P (1999) - ELIMINATED...
  4. cp3176

    *NEW AND IMPROVED* Elimination Game of a Lot Of Coldplay Songs (Round 3!)

    ***IMPORTANT*** Read carefully! There are new Voting rules that will make your life a ton easier! I advise against voting in the old way, if you know what I mean! Note: I didn't come up with the idea for this game. @laxwatcher posted Round 2, and allowed me to repost this game under new and...