1. yoyo2000

    International Lyrics

    This is a game I thought today. The players should write a Coldplay lyric line in their native language (sorry English speakers):confused: and then others will have to guess which lyric this is. The one who guesses right starts with his own lyric line. Please don't use translate sites and if...
  2. LeftrightleftArchi

    Artwork Elimination Game (A Rush of Blood to the Head-Era)

    Hey everyone! I'm back with the next game in this series. The AROBTTH game has officially started! In My Place - 2002 A Rush of Blood to the Head - 2002 The Scientist - 2002 Clocks - 2002 God Put a Smile Upon Your Face - 2003 Live 2003 - 2003 This round is going to be really tough...
  3. LeftrightleftArchi

    Artwork Elimination Game (Parachutes-Era)

    Time for GAME 2 of the Artwork Elimination Game Series. This time we are covering the Parachutes Era. Here are the artworks: Shiver - 2000 Yellow - 2000 Parachutes - 2000 Trouble - Coldplay Acoustic (EP) - 2000 Don't Panic - 2001 Be sure to share this game with others. The more votes...
  4. LeftrightleftArchi

    NEW! Artwork Elimination Game (Pre-Parachutes)

    Hey guys! I am restarting the Artwork Elimination game. But this time, I am going by Era to make things easier. First, we have the Pre-Parachutes Era. This probably shouldn't take that long. Here are the artworks: 1. Safety (EP) - 1998 2. Brothers and Sisters (EP) - 1999 3. The Blue Room...
  5. cp3176

    All Artists Lyric Game!

    Based on this Coldplay lyric game. Hi everyone, I've decided to make another thread, this time another version of @karvi22's "Coldplay lyrics game". Same rules and everything, for more info check out that thread. Except for one new rule: you can't use "common" words such as "as" or "the" or "a"...
  6. I

    Coldplay misunderstood lyrics

    I'm sure we all misunderstood a least a few lines of some Coldplay songs, even if English is your native language :laugh4: So I think it would be fun for us to write down a line of lyrics we heard, and a line of what is actually said :wink: For example, I heard: "And even if your aims are...
  7. R

    AROBTTH Survival Series

    I posted this on r/Coldplay, but I'll post it here too. Hi! I saw something like this on the Weezer subreddit, do I decided to do one here! Basically, vote for your favorite song. The one with the least amount of votes at the end of each round is eliminated! Here it is!
  8. karvi22

    Coldplay lyrics game

    So I just came up with this idea about a new game... I don't know if you have played something like this before, in that case please let me know or remove the thread. It's simple: you have to write a piece of a Coldplay song, but your sentence have to include one word of the previous song. I'll...
  9. cp3176

    High/Low List of Coldplay Songs!

    *NOTE:* Before asking any questions at all, read this entire post. All of it. Trust me, this is a brand new style of play never seem before and you WILL have questions if you don't read all of this post. There are bound to be questions anyway, but I'm going to say this and make sure you...
  10. cp3176

    Plus/Minus Game (All Artists)

    Hi there. Quite a few of you probably know this thread. This is exactly the same with with the same rules, except you can do this will all artists this time! The rules are simple, and the same as that thread. Just click that link to see the rules if you're new to the game, you'll be brought to...
  11. cp3176

    *NEW AND IMPROVED* Elimination Game of a Lot Of Coldplay Songs (Round 3!)

    ***IMPORTANT*** Read carefully! There are new Voting rules that will make your life a ton easier! I advise against voting in the old way, if you know what I mean! Note: I didn't come up with the idea for this game. @laxwatcher posted Round 2, and allowed me to repost this game under new and...