guy berryman

  1. Buggian

    "The most cleverest keyboard"

    I saw a cover of The Monkee's I'm A Believer and I'm wondering what that thing Chris is holding, any ideas?
  2. R

    Guy Berryman's Baseball Shirt

    Hi Coldplayers! Does anyone know where I can find this shirt that Guy is wearing? I couldn't find anything like this next where I live or online... I'm not from the UK so I don't know brands that might sell shirts like this. And I don't this was custom made either, because I think they buy...
  3. B

    Guy Berryman Basslines appreciation

    As you can see I enjoy Guy's work on the bass. I feel like the majority of songs he finds the right balance. ON some songs he really steals it like magic, violet hill, sparks. One of my favourite has to be everything's not lost. His main riff on that is amazing. What is your favourite bassline...
  4. B

    Magic Guy Berrmyman

    I'm sure we can all agree the riff guy created on magic is catchy and really cool. I was wondering what you call what Guy is playing. I know he is playing the E and G string on the bass I just don't know what that technique is called. Any comments are helpful :):gs:
  5. guy42

    The Berryland Thread :-)

    Hey :) This is a thread where we get to appreciate the chemistry between the two studs Guy and Jonny :wacky:. Post away! Mobile Link: