1. joana_abreu

    I started a Crowdfunding Campaign and I need all the help I can get!

    Hello guys! I created a crowdfunding campaign tohelp my Grandpa rebuild his childhood home and make his dream finally come true:) If you would like to know more about this story, please check it out on the link, and please consider donate if you can and share it with your friends. I really need...
  2. C

    Chris Simple Twist of Fate tabs/chords

    hi everyone, I have been trying to figure this song out for a while now and am in desperate need of help. I know the song is in open E (Open D capo 2) or at least I think but when ever I try to play it like Chris it just doesn’t come out right. Either I’m screwing up the chords or Chris...
  3. S

    Who's going to Paris on 18th July 2017 gig?

    Hi guys, I bought my ticket to their tour in Paris on July 18th 2017 back in November but I've got no one to go with :( - so far. I'm just wondering if anyone here is going to this concert and don't mind if I tag along and sing and cry out loud with you? I saw coldplay in Abu Dhabi on NYE...
  4. msimo4

    Small white 42 shirt from Viva era!

    New member here, this website is a bit confusing so sorry if I make some mistakes. Basically I've been looking for a while online and I also tried the subreddit with no luck. I've been trying to find this incredible white 42 t-shirt in a small size, which was sold during the Viva tour, after...
  5. cp3176

    How do I make In My Place exactly 72 BPM?

    Don't know where else to put it so just putting in here for now, feel free to move if this deserves a better place :D Hi. Need some help. There is project I am working on and the program used to do it does not support non integer BPM. (For anyone interested what it is, with Garageband you have...