1. Holocene

    (OUTDATED) [Guitar Tabs] Miracles (SS) + HFTW (Acoustic Ver) + Ink

    I tabbed the following songs after failing to find accurate versions online. Figured if I wanted to learn how to play them surely other people would as well. So here they are. They are all what Chris plays live and are pretty accurate. However if you notice anything wrong please don't hesitate...
  2. Osaka Sun

    What is your Favourite Coldplay Song and why?

    i honestly have tonnes of faves - so many that i cant choose just one to be my sole fave so one of my favourites is ink: its by far my fave song from ghost stories and cheers me up whenever i need it, the melody played by the guitar throughout makes the whole song more uplifting and paired...
  3. N

    Coldplay - Ink (José Martínez Remode)

    Hey Coldplayers! :D I share with you my latest work today, a tribute to Coldplay! Coldplay has been my favourite band for years now, inspiring my music and daily life. One of my tributes is this, the Ink Remode. Gave it quite some time and dedication, combining classy Remode aspects as much as...