1. guy42

    [2016-07-22] Y98 Winner Interviews Coldplay’s Chris Martin

    Mobile Link: Y98 gave one lucky listener an experience she will never forget. Kristin Williams was caller #9 and not only won tickets to Coldplay’s concert, but received the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes interview with frontman Chris Martin. Photo by: Y98...
  2. 42JTR

    [2016-06-24] Coldplay @ RTL Late Night (Dutch TV show)

    Hey guys, I guess this is the appropriate thread to post this fantastic news! One of the most popular TV Shows in The Netherlands announced yesterday that Coldplay will be joining them on TV. Fans (if you're Dutch) can win tickets via their website...
  3. Zoe28

    Chris Martin on Ellen K ( KOST 103.5) May 6th, 2016
  4. Zoe28

    Chris Martin @ Valentine In The Morning (104.3 MYfm LA)

    May 6th, 2016
  5. B

    Looking for the BIGGEST Coldplay fan in Florida for TV story

    I'm looking for the BIGGEST Coldplay fan in the state of Florida... ideally someone going to see the band play in the SUPER BOWL in a few weeks. Is anyone here in Florida going? I'm doing a 30-minute TV show for CBS in Tampa and want to include a huge Coldplay fan in the show. Email me...
  6. G

    Exclusive – Coldplaying Interview with Davide Rossi: A Head Full Of Superbowl!

    We previously had an opportunity to chat with him back in February of 2015. However, we also finally had a chance again to chat with Davide Rossi before Christmas as we also are gearing up him collaborating with the band for the latest album, A Head Full Of Dreams, and Superbowl & lots of stuff...
  7. D

    Chris - mental health? persona

    I'm extremely impressed by how Chris conducts himself. He seems tremendously calm/happy. He listens as intently as anyone I've seen. He's so kind to people. In an interview, he said he worked hard at this, but didn't elaborate. QUESTION: How did he get so chill/kind? I've heard him talk...