1. ThatGirlMyra

    Favourite Era Of Chris?

    I'm sure this has been done before, so sorry if I'm copying you! But it's pretty simple: just comment your favourite year of Chris Martin, as he seems to change style and looks each year. If you want to divulge why, feel free! My two personal favourites is Chris in 1999. He's just so adorably...
  2. branchu

    Chris's strings

    Hi! Does anyone know what type of caliber and strings Chris Martin uses? Thanks!
  3. ChrisMartinFan

    William and Christopher

    Am I the only one who adores the relationship between these two? Will always seems so protective of Chris <3 While Jonny is kind of like the nice, pretty girl at school who's pigtails get pulled on because Chris has the most enormous crush on her, Will seems like the frustrated but loving...