mp9000 rac

  1. C

    Chris’s Piano

    Hi guys I joined Coldplaying yesterdayIve recently seen a video from ColdplayKB about Chris’s Kawai MP9000 I’m wondering where can I buy this as I can’t find any and is there a similar one that he uses / is similar to the Kawai one ? Thanks Guys
  2. fuzzyman20

    MP9000 Sampling

    Hello everybody, I know a lot of you are waiting for these samples, but I've had a lot of work lately and it has been impossible for me to work on this. The work is half way done, but is currently on hiatus. Still, im going to try to finish this as soon as possible to share it all of you. I...
  3. G

    Chris Martin's Piano Sound: Kawai MP9000 - Mp9000 rac - secret unveiled + sound demos!

    In this video I show the device used by Chris Martin (Coldplay) for his live piano sound. It is a Kawai MP9000, modified to fit into a rack unit, called "Mp9000 rac". You will hear piano versions of Coldplay's songs, played with Chris Martin's live piano sound. You won't believe to your ears...