new music

  1. Daffy

    Do you think Coldplay's newest album will be influenced by/as good as Oldplay?

    I was just wondering about this, as Coldplay seems to have gone back to taking a bigger break that they took between releasing their best albums instead of that year break between GS and AHFOD. Another thing that has me thinking about this is the fact that Chris has obviously gone through a ton...
  2. laxwatcher

    New Album "Flight" Out Now

    Hey everyone, UPDATE --------------------------- Album is out in the world!!! Check it out on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, or wherever you listen to music. Links on my website: Vote for my song in this...
  3. Libor

    New music from Coldplay

    Chris Martin Campaign: So... we hear a rumour that new music is already being recorded! Maybe next year we will get to hear it and it will be an amazing day when we do! Mobile Link:
  4. laxwatcher

    In the Works - Panacea

    Hey everybody! It's been a while since I came on this thread. I've sorely missed talking with all of you about Coldplay. :( I'm really excited to hear the Kaleidoscope EP, but I'm even more excited because for the past year I've been working with my band to record and release our first album...
  5. GazeboflossUK

    The band "SHIELDS"...and my label ;-)

    Hello, As some of you might remember, I was a pretty busy bee on here a long time ago. Anyway - time has past and I now have my own company, a small label at present and we have recently just put out our first singles and debut LP, "How Can We Fix This?" by the band SHIELDS. It's good alt pop...