1. Paul Webb

    Coldplay in Nashville

    Does anyone know why Coldplay won’t come back to Nashville? If I’m not mistaken, their Nashville show in 2009 was sold out.
  2. cp3176

    How do I make In My Place exactly 72 BPM?

    Don't know where else to put it so just putting in here for now, feel free to move if this deserves a better place :D Hi. Need some help. There is project I am working on and the program used to do it does not support non integer BPM. (For anyone interested what it is, with Garageband you have...
  3. C

    Coldplay Questions

    I'm a crazy Coldplay fan. I can tell you the name of a song after listening to the beginning for 5 seconds. What I don't get is, WHY ISNT COLDPLAY TOURING IN ASIA? Also, are they actually breaking up after the tour ends!? I'd die to see them live :(