1. IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8

    Coldplay Video Views 2019 (YouTube)

    Video Views from Jan will be posted here on FEB 1. 13 pages each with 7 videos each. I'm Probably the only one who does this in the entire world.
  2. IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8

    Reverse Coldplay Songs?

    Am I the only one that adores the band’s music in reverse? Well I think most of Coldplay’s songs are amazing backwards, especially the singles from all albums. Viva La Vida was the very first song I heard backwards. Then Clocks, then The Scientist. I think it’s a 50/50 for most of the reversed...
  3. ChristopherM

    Band members Scotland- song writing feedback

    Dear Coldplayers I am a huge fan and inspired by Coldplay’s music I have written some of my own songs . I play piano and guitar as well as singing, and I wondered if any of you fellow fans would mind reading over lyrics I have written, and listening to my songs and giving feedback. Or if any...
  4. IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8

    Which Coldplay Songs do you think best match up together as a pair/sound similar?

    As the title says, what two Coldplay songs do you think best match up together as a pair/sound similar? You can name more than 1 pair. For starters; Clocks & Speed Of Sound.
  5. IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8

    Coldplay Songs: Fatal 4 Way (Game)

    Rules: vote for one song you want to win. Song with the most votes wins and then the 2nd round starts (Song with least votes gets a second chance for round 2) Round 1: Gravity Fly On Everglow Reign Of Love I vote Fly On
  6. IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8

    Houkago Tea Time=Coldplay

    I have taken the time to find match ups with k-on’s band Houkago Tea Time to Coldplay Songs. With the exception of Lucky, Faded, Sing Me To Sleep, Infinite Corridor and Homesick.
  7. IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8

    Coldplay Songs vs Other Songs

    Mmmmmmmm not sure how this would work? I guess if it’s a different band’s song is better than a Coldplay Song, give us your reasons why or vice verse. If a Coldplay song wins, pick a different artist to go against that song. If the other artist wins, pick a different Coldplay song for it to face...
  8. IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8

    Coldplay Video Views

    Ive been checking their views everyday. I check them at 5:00 PM (Ink is checked at 6:00 PM) and again at 11:55 PM. I compare the views from the night before at 11:55 PM. Here is what the videos have been getting. I only do 60 videos and Ink is separate in another notes app on my Phone. Hymn...
  9. IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8

    Clears - Elimination Game

    (This is my first ever game/elimination, I plan to do this with the remaining 9 albums for my Anime Band: MegaStar) 99% Are Coldplay Songs, 1% Are From others. This is the first Album The rules are as follows: Each round lasts around one to two days, depending on how quickly the votes come in...
  10. karvi22

    Name your Top 5 Coldplay songs

    Which is your Top 5 CP songs of all time? I know it's very difficult to pick just five songs, but let's try... here's my list: 1. Clocks 2. Ink 3. The Hardest Part 4. Another's Arms 5. Trouble
  11. karvi22

    Which CP song has the most special meaning to you?

    Hi guys! I don't know if there's already a thread like this. It's not about songs you like the most, but about songs that mean a lot to you. Maybe there are songs which are important because of the particular moment they came to your life, or because they remind you of something special (a...
  12. ChrisMartinFan

    Are solo artists technically just frontpersons of uncredited bands?

    I don't really understand how solo artists work and this has been bothering me for a while now xD To clarify, I'm talking about artists who claim to write their own songs, not ones who sing someone else's music. Off the top of my head, someone like Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift, I'm pretty sure...
  13. cp3176

    War of the U2 songs

    Because why not? I've really been getting into U2 lately. I'm pretty sure most of you love U2 as well like me, so why not give it a go? Rules are the same as in the "War of the Coldplay songs" thread; choose the favorite song above you and put it against another song: If you see, for example...
  14. cp3176

    *NEW AND IMPROVED* Elimination Game of a Lot Of Coldplay Songs (Round 3!)

    ***IMPORTANT*** Read carefully! There are new Voting rules that will make your life a ton easier! I advise against voting in the old way, if you know what I mean! Note: I didn't come up with the idea for this game. @laxwatcher posted Round 2, and allowed me to repost this game under new and...