1. coldplay13

    How old will you be during the NEXT tour?!

    I know age is nothing but a number! We have to live life one day at a time.... :) but how old will you be for the next tour? I'm guessing Coldplay will release new material in 3/4 years + tour. I'm 23 now so that will make about 26/27 years old. I'm in college right now but it's interesting...
  2. D


    Hey guys, I'm a new member to the site! This is my first post. As an avid Coldplay fan for years, I always wanted to see them live. I'm really excited to get this chance when they play Croke Park this summer! I was wondering, will I get a Xyloband at the gig, or is it only standing people who...
  3. msimo4

    Small white 42 shirt from Viva era!

    New member here, this website is a bit confusing so sorry if I make some mistakes. Basically I've been looking for a while online and I also tried the subreddit with no luck. I've been trying to find this incredible white 42 t-shirt in a small size, which was sold during the Viva tour, after...
  4. C

    Coldplay Questions

    I'm a crazy Coldplay fan. I can tell you the name of a song after listening to the beginning for 5 seconds. What I don't get is, WHY ISNT COLDPLAY TOURING IN ASIA? Also, are they actually breaking up after the tour ends!? I'd die to see them live :(
  5. A

    First Rows Saved for Fans???

    On the Mylo Xyloto tour, the band reserved the first three (or so) rows for fans who were really excited and had tickets far from the stage... anyone know if they are planning to do this for the AHFOD US tour again??
  6. guy42

    Song Request Discussion for North American Tour

    Good evening. It’s now just five days until the A Head Full Of Dreams Tour reaches North America! There are still a limited number of tickets available – see the Tour page for all the details. If you’re coming to one of the shows and there’s a Coldplay song you’d like to hear (which the band...
  7. L

    My Adventure Of A Lifetime (featuring surprises, new friends and love)

    I've just gotten home from the best trip of my life! Five Coldplay shows, tons of new friends, and thanks to Coldplay, my life might have changed forever. This review will not be so much from the shows themselves, but more about everything that happened before and after. It's proof that Coldplay...
  8. The Lonely Martian

    An open plea to photographers or peeps taking phone pics on the A Head Full of Dreams Tour...

    If you're planning on uploading photos from the shows onto Flickr or similar sites, please consider releasing them on a free license (Creative Commons Zero [CC0], Attribution [CC-BY], or Attribution ShareAlike [CC-BY-SA]), so that the images can be used freely! I encourage this, especially if...
  9. B

    Three Coldplay shirts for sale

    Hello lovely people, I want to make some people happy with the following Coldplay shirts: Coldplay Magic shirt, women's, size XL, very soft stretchlike fabric. Perfect condition. €15 From the official Coldplay Livenation shop! Coldplay shirt from Only, size L. Women's. Has the band on it...
  10. A

    How early in line?

    Hi, I was wondering what is it like in Europe in general as far as how early should I go in line for the concert.Any previous experiences much valued, thank you!
  11. A

    Need a friend in Stockholm/Copenhagen

    Anyone going to Copenhagen/Stockholm concerts?