viva la vida era

  1. G

    HELP! - Violet Hill MV Version 3?

    On Apple Music, the single for Violet Hill is paired with a music video that I have not seen ever in my life. Searching all over the internet, there were no discussions, full videos or awareness of this third music video. It is a simple video of the band performing it in the studio yet no matter...
  2. P

    Viva La Vida 10 Year Retrospective An interesting retrospective take on the classic VLVODAAHF 10 years. What do you think? How does it hold up compared to Mylo Xyloto, Ghost Stories, and Head Full of Dreams?
  3. bucklander

    favorite bits about each era?

    hey there, i'm fairly new here but i wanted to kick off with this question sjhs i'm obsessed with talking about certain parts of every era coldplay's been through so: what did you enjoy about them? it can be anything: a song from an era, a particular guitar riff / bassline from said song...