viva la vida

  1. Jdckcom

    Viva La Vida vs. Everyday Life

    Hi everyone! So Viva La Vida is and will always be my favorite album by the band and after hearing this record I could not stop thinking how much listening to this new music made me feel reminiscent of the wonder and excitement of the VLV era. I know there are many diferences between this two...
  2. G

    HELP! - Violet Hill MV Version 3?

    On Apple Music, the single for Violet Hill is paired with a music video that I have not seen ever in my life. Searching all over the internet, there were no discussions, full videos or awareness of this third music video. It is a simple video of the band performing it in the studio yet no matter...
  3. laxwatcher

    New Album "Flight" Out Now

    Hey everyone, UPDATE --------------------------- Album is out in the world!!! Check it out on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, or wherever you listen to music. Links on my website: Vote for my song in this...
  4. A Tribute To Coldplay

    Viva La Vida. A Tribute To Coldplay

    Hey guys, may I introduce to you my Coldplay Tribute Band Viva La Vida: You'll find us on and I'm looking forward to hear from you and see some of you at one of our concerts.
  5. P

    Viva La Vida 10 Year Retrospective An interesting retrospective take on the classic VLVODAAHF 10 years. What do you think? How does it hold up compared to Mylo Xyloto, Ghost Stories, and Head Full of Dreams?
  6. Buggian

    "The most cleverest keyboard"

    I saw a cover of The Monkee's I'm A Believer and I'm wondering what that thing Chris is holding, any ideas?
  7. D

    Postcards from Far Away and other covers

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and there's no better introduction than me playing Coldplay, I guess. Also wanted to hear your thoughts on what you think their best piano songs are. I was thinking of covering Wish I Was Here, O, Everglow, Death and All His Friends. Which ones would you suggest?
  8. NÆS

    My Full Band Versions of VLV Demos

    The Man Who Swears: Bloodless Revolution: The Fall of Man:
  9. coldplay13

    Coldplay concert outfit?

    Hi everyone, I just bought tickets to Coldplay Chicago for August 17. I went last year to Detroit concert and would love to dress up for this concert. I've been watching a lot of Viva la Vida album live concerts on youtube and I was thinking I could remake Chris' military jacket to wear and...
  10. D

    Can anyone accurately tab Viva La Vida?

    I'm asking because there is a video of Chris and Jonny playing it live and this video is like the only good quality video of Jonny playing it. All of the guitar tabs on any tab website is just not accurate and I was wondering if anyone here can tab it out using this video: Mobile Link...
  11. B

    Three Coldplay shirts for sale

    Hello lovely people, I want to make some people happy with the following Coldplay shirts: Coldplay Magic shirt, women's, size XL, very soft stretchlike fabric. Perfect condition. €15 From the official Coldplay Livenation shop! Coldplay shirt from Only, size L. Women's. Has the band on it...
  12. M

    A book inspired by Viva La Vida!

    "I used to rule the world Seas would rise when I gave the word Now in the morning I sleep alone Sweep the streets I used to own" That sounds on the surface like it might be a metaphor for a breakup, but if it's taken literally it makes for an interesting story, doesn't it? I thought so too...