1. Blockflote

    Everyday Life Structure: X&Y + Viva

    With the recent leak of the lengths of each 'Everyday Life' track, I would like to share my thoughts on how this album will work. First of all, I don't think this is really the first time they've done a double album; instead, I would give this label to 'X&Y'. It's a symmetrical album with 6...
  2. Daffy

    About X&Y... (Song)

    About X&Y, the song, I wanted to know why it isn't more popular. I love it and many other people do, but not much about it is out there, and when I tried searching it on these forums, I couldn't find anything... I wanted to know your thoughts on this song, and if people generally dislike or love...
  3. D

    B-Side EPs

    If all the b-sides from the AROBTTH and X&Y eras were each released as EPs, what order would you list the songs and would you leave any out? A Rush of Blood To The Head era One I Love I Bloom Blaum 1’ 36" I Ran Away Crests of Waves Animals Murder Moses (Live) X&Y era Things I Don’t...
  4. A

    FIX YOU - remix

    fix you - remixed Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXuWYF8ZRQ0 cheers
  5. C

    Should "Fix You Up" be a thing moving forward?

    Wanted to get your thoughts on this -- via the Super Bowl Half-Time show (9:30 in). Or maybe even a Fix You -> Up & Up to get a sense of both? I was just floored: Coldplay often has intro -> full song, but never really had two songs collide into each other. Think this should be a one-off? And...
  6. C

    References to other Coldplay songs/albums in AHFOD?

    Thought I'd start this since I felt like there quite a few call-backs, but I might have missed some. Notice any references to other Coldplay albums/songs in the new record? I caught (and I'm sure others noticed): "So if you love someone, you should let them know Oh, the light that you left me...