1. MC01Coldplay

    Xyloband Controller!

    Here's a screencap from the Xyloband's website: http://xylobands.com/coldplay-tour-a-head-full-of-dreams/ And it seems like Atlas Project has gotten his hands on one: Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/ColdplayAtlas/status/821103645668282369 (he has a video of it on instragram with the live...
  2. D


    Hey guys, I'm a new member to the site! This is my first post. As an avid Coldplay fan for years, I always wanted to see them live. I'm really excited to get this chance when they play Croke Park this summer! I was wondering, will I get a Xyloband at the gig, or is it only standing people who...
  3. C

    New Xylobands

    does anyone know how to get the new Xylobands to light up again after the concert? Any app, remote, etc?