12 Coldplay Months of 2008: JULY (Six Local Support Acts)


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Oct 5, 2002
Coldplay opened their support slots to local talent.

July started with a competition for aspiring bands. In association with Capital Records, Coldplay started the hunt for six bands to join them at the summer shows in the United States.

Support roles are required for concerts in Chicago, San Jose, Philadelphia, DC, Boston and Hartford. Interested acts should visit coldplayontour.com and can apply using YouTube clips of their band at work.

The lucky winners at San Jose on 18th July were Picture Atlantic. The full interview with their drummer, Rico Rodriguez, is here

Seven days later, and we were in Philadelphia, where Jonah Delso warmed the crowd up.

4th August and the tour rolled on to Boston. The Luxury were the lucky support act.

Viva La Vida sets download record and continues to hold the charts to ransom

Viva La Vida continued to break records, and just kept on selling and selling and selling....

in just two weeks, Viva La Vida has sold more downloads than any album in digital history.
The old record was held by John Mayer's Continuum. Viva La Vida sold 66,000 downloads this week, bringing its two-week total to 354,000. Continuum has sold 353,000 downloads since its release in September 2006.

Virgin Media reported, Despite doing minimal publicity for it, Coldplay have reached the No 1 spot in 36 different countries with their latest album Viva La Vida

They hung on to the UK top spot for 5 consecutive weeks, before finally succumbing to Basshunter on 21st July. A quick look at the stats revealed that in the same week 331,000 copies of Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends were sold wordwide. It remained the biggest selling release across the world, with 3,554,000 copies of the album having been sold. 1,081,000 downloads of the single Viva La Vida have also been recorded.

It was Lil' Wayne who knocked them from the top of the US charts
The rapper's sixth album has exchanged places with Coldplay's 'Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends', which falls to number two. There was a consolation for Coldplay, however, as the band’s fourth album went platinum in its third week.

And in Australia, they managed to break their previous "one-week-at-the-top" curse. The Viva La Vida song also became their first Australian Number 1 single. Previously, their highest chart place was 5th with Yellow.

Official photos from the opening shows of the tour: LA Forum pics

Coldplay.com published some excellent photos from the first shows of the Viva La Vida tour, at the Forum in LA, courtesy of Gregg Watermann.

Guy the key to Coldplay’s success?

Whilst on the interview circuit, Chris was quoted as saying:
"My entire life is spent trying to push him (Berryman) forward at photo shoots. He's our packaging... He's a handsome b*****d. None of us pretend that if he wasn't in the band we'd be as popular. He's responsible for all our calendar sales."

Seeing as though he's on a list of the greatest bassists, maybe there's more to his charm than Chris thinks.

Guy Berryman has been included on a list of great bassists, along with legends like Paul McCartney, Flea and John Paul Jones. The list is courtesy of HUB. Here is Guy's excerpt:

5. Guy Berryman - Coldplay. For me, Berryman is very unique with the fact that you will see him playing an upright bass and be really good with it.


New merch store opens its doors

As the tour machine cranked up, and everyone headed off on the road, Coldplay.com linked up to the US online merchandise store. There was something for everyone, including:

The latest item is the Madison Square Garden Event Tee, featuring graphics inspired from the new Coldplay album 'Viva La Vida' on the front and the back reads 'Viva La Vida Coldplay June 23, 2008 Madison Square Garden New York, NY'. There is also a tee featuring a spiral design of Coldplay lyrics taken from the official cd booklet of the new cd 'Viva La Vida'. More items will be added soon.

Not everyone was happy though. A little while later, it was reported that items had been pulled from the Merch stalls at the request of the band because they were "crap".

Vinyl is the way forward!

As sales of Viva La Vida soared, the neglected market of vinyl records was making a comeback. News filtered through that some of the back catalogue would soon be available for vinyl lovers to collect.

Radiohead and Coldplay will hop aboard the vinyl train with reissues from Capitol/EMI on August 19. The vinyl reissues of Coldplay's Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head are part of a series the label is launching called "From the Capitol Vaults".

Like all of the titles in the series, these reissues come remastered on high quality vinyl, and they feature artwork and packaging replicating that of their original editions.

Coldplayers help Blender Magazine to quiz Chris

Coldplaying highlighted Blender magazine's request for questions to ask Chris Martin. You duly sent your questions in, but were any of them answered?
Once Blender published the article & accompanying audio, we started a discussion here.

Jon Hopkins extends his supporting role beyond the free shows

Jon Hopkins must have gone down well at the free shows during June, as Coldplay.com confirmed he was to support another six shows, as well as continuing his DJing.
14 July - The Forum, LA
15 July - The Forum, LA
19 July - MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas
22 July - United Center, Chicago, Illinois
23 July - United Center, Chicago, Illinois
29 July - Bell Centre, Montreal

More Freebies from Coldplay.com

Coldplay.com wanted to thank us for the ticket sales and our support, so they provided us with a download of Death Will Never Conquer. Its not the live version sung by Will, but a version sung by Chris.


If sweet death should ever conquer me
Let me know boys let me know
If you hear him coming won’t you let me know?
Let me go boys let me go
One day death is going to conquer me
I’ll be down where the waters flow
I hope sweet heaven has a place for me
Let me know boys let me know

If sweet death should ever conquer me
Take me down to some place below
If you hear him coming won’t you set me free?
Let me go boys let me go
If you hear him coming won’t you say for me?
That I just don’t want to go

Pete Lusby? Who's he?

As the first L.A show rolled round, Coldplay.com introduced us to a new blogger. His name is Pete Lusby, and his role was to spread Oxfam's messages to the Coldplay crowds, along with a little help from a few volunteers. The lucky volunteers would get free show tickets, those of us at home would get a great blog from a slightly different perspective. By the end 2008, Coldplayers show itinerary would include a stop at the Oxfam table to say hi to Pete.


Tonight with Mercedes...

Coldplay performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as part of the Mercedes-Benz Summer Concert Series. You can now view their performances of Viva la Vida and Lost! online. The performance of Lost! is an online exclusive only and wasn't aired on television.

Hollywoodpunk reported back, live from the queue. I think that I just had the BEST WEEK EVER!!! I was sitting next to the tour manager, and he was looking at me a lot. I think that it was because I have a Coldplay Tee on, and I am walking everywhere with the VIVA vinyl. We went out at 3.30 and stood in the shade little to know that Chris, Guy, and Jonny were RIGHT next to us... I did not say anything..

( After my autograph moments, where I was screaming, and everyone around me was telling the 4 of them that I was there since last night at 5, and they were like... YOU WHAT??? HOW LONG??? WOW! THANK YOU!!! I said... "Uhh no.... THANK YOU!!!")

SO we just stood there next to them and that was it, then they all left one by one. We got a mini tour of the Tonight Show, and then got into the green room.

Gig in a backyard???

Lucky KROQ listener, Jessica, won a competition and had Coldplay round to play in her backyard.

If that wasn't enough, Jessica even got to choose the setlist. She chose Speed Of Sound, Don't Panic, Green Eyes, Lovers In Japan, Violet Hill and Yellow.

A new member of the Coldplay family

The 21st July brought a new sub-section to Coldplay.com. A chance to have your questions by the all-knowing Oracle. The Oracle will answer questions on any subject whether related to Coldplay or not, so we've had relationship advice, song lyrics, snippets of band information and much, much more. Whilst the Oracle is having a Christmas break, here are some of the best bits:

September 26, 2008 - submitted by Lore, Chile
Q. Hello Oracle...
If you could choose one Coldplay song that they haven't played in a long time (or an old song that they haven't played before)... which one would you choose to include it in the setlist?

The Oracle replies:
I'd have to say Such a Rush, which was almost a contender on the Twisted Logic tour, although anything from Parachutes would be a treat (except Yellow & Trouble as they're already out there).

September 22, 2008 - submitted by Jen, United Kingdom
Q. When the Oracle retires, what Coldplay memory will you treasure?

The Oracle replies:
Hmmm I think there must have been a little conspiracy to get this question answered as it can't be a co-incidence that so many have asked the same question in the same day! That's not why I am answering it by the way. The Oracle isn't easily led.
There are too many amazing memories, first gig, first chart entry, first number one album, first Brit. The list goes on. I am going to choose something very current from this tour. You may have read in Roadie #42's blog about mobile phones being the new glow sticks. Well I have a very short video of that on my phone. It's such a goosebump inducing moment and one I would share with grandchildren were I to have any but that's not likely so am hoping great nieces and nephews will suffice? (FYI: That's directed to the many who asked about grandchildren specifically!)

August 14, 2008 - submitted by Jd, United Kingdom
Q. On the day of Viva La Vida's release Chris and Will were on Jo Whiley's radio show and Chris said that he has two tatoos, I was wondering where and what of as I've never spotted them in any pictures of him.

The Oracle replies:
They're on his inner wrists. An A and an M.

You can catch up on all the Oracle's questions & discuss them here

No Mercury for Coldplay

Whilst the rest of the world was listening to Viva La Vida with interest, the Mercury judges decided not to include it in the 2008 Mercury Awards shortlist.

Chris Martin & Jonny Buckland visit Much Music, Toronto

Coldplay dropped by MuchMusic’s MuchOnDemand on before they stepped on stage at the Air Canada Centre for the second night of their sold out shows in Toronto. Stalkers were treated to some inside information:

The boys of Coldplay were spotted today visiting Much Music as well as taking time away from their busy schedule to do some shopping in Yorkville… Anyone lookin’ to stalk the boys, go wait outside The Hazelton Hotel - That’s where they are staying!! We’ll have the whole interview up tomorrow for you, check out some snaps in the meantime!



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great post, Jen... loved the pics!

the highlight of this month was my birthday of course (same day asmthe dwnc release) :laugh3:

so I'll vote for the death will never conquer download which was the perfect birthday gift :heart:


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awwww..... that was a great birthday present!!!! :D


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Well the best thing that month was me, Mel and Lori having a close encounter of the Buckland kind in Chicago but since you didn't make that part of your poll I'll go with Much Music for the Jonny and Chrissy hand holding and smooching. :D


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Well the best thing that month was me, Mel and Lori having a close encounter of the Buckland kind in Chicago but since you didn't make that part of your poll I'll go with Much Music for the Jonny and Chrissy hand holding and smooching. :D
:dance: What a great day!!!!


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I think that if I were Jen, I'd have a problem with choosing a picture of Guy to post :rolleyes:
Nice choice by the way, Jen :D

I chose DWNC but..........................oops.............I think I voted for something else :wink3:

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oh god... summer of 08
my very best summer....ever

nothing could be better and nothing ever was