12 Coldplay Months Of 2008: NOVEMBER (Two In The Roadies' Den)


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Sep 8, 2002
Davide Rossi Interview: Prospekt's March EP

Top violinist Davide Rossi was exclusively interviewed by Coldplayzone.it in which he answered questions on working with Coldplay on their last album 'Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends'. The musician talked also about coming back to the studio, to record the forthcoming Prospekt's March EP.

Rossi revealed that the EP would contain three songs featuring his Violectra and the EP itself is a quality release, full of fresh and powerful songs. He said in his interview, "In my opinion... the EP is actually on par with ‘Viva La Vida’. Fans should not expect a 'B-sides' album but instead a unique and equally impressive record. As a matter of fact, I actually prefer the EP to the album!'

The songs where Rossi's electric violin can be heard are Life In Technicolor, Lovers In Japan, Cemeteries Of London, 42, Yes and Strawberry Swing (the chunky bass groove and didgeridoos come a little while after the beginning of the song, is one of the many examples of the sound of his Violectra).

Coldplay In Q Magazine (December 2008 edition)

Chris Martin was on the cover of the December 2008 issue of Q Magazine available early November.

Here is the Chris Martin interview published in the magazine:

Rate your day on a scale of one to 10.
Chris Martin: “Twelve. I’m definitely having the best time of any man in the room. The Best Album means a lot. And I don’t often allow unashamed euphoria. Once every three years.”

You were literally standing on the table when you won.
CM: “Not quite. One hoof.”
You’ve been drinking whisky…
CM: “This whole thing of not drinking is kind of a myth. A myth! But I’ll never admit to anything. I had a couple of sips officer.”

Is there anyone here you’d like to meet?
CM: “I spent most of the time with Sharleen Spiteri, who I have a tremendous crush on. And I met Roger Daltrey. He has wisdom to impart. We were talking about music and the Teenage Cancer Trust and how to keep it together. He’s also responsible for the best muscial moment in history, in my opinion. The comeback scream in Won’t Get Fooled Again. That’s the thing that makes me feel alive. Your thighs explode.”

The most fabulous thing you saw today?
CM: “I saw a couple of guys getting a handjob, but that’s about it.”

You were seen to manhandle Q’s Editor-in-chief…CM: “That’s too personal to bring up. what Paul Rees did was unacceptable. He broke my heart.”

Drinking whiskey, punching people out, what’s happened to you, man?
CM: “It’s just a regular Monday for me.”

Where are you off too now?
CM: “Jools Holland. We’re going to try to recreate some live spectaculars. [Q noties Chris is smelling strongly of eucalyptus oil from a bottle he's carrying in his pocket]. It’s my special singing medicine. it’s nice, do you want some?”

Coldplaying.com mentioned on Roadie #42's blog!

Coldplay's Roadie #42 talked about the organised stalking that was happening at every gig. Here was his report:

Philly is close enough to drive from Manhattan. We're in the van bringing up the rear (oo-err missus, etc etc). For reasons best known to security folks (and quite possibly insurance companies), it's better for all the vehicles to travel "in convoy". Being in the back vehicle as we are today is occasionally a hair raising experience. A string of vehicles takes up as much space as a truck, but fellow road users don't always understand that you're going to move as one. It seems today's driver is somewhat unused to this role. This means that by the time we're almost at the gig most of the folks in our van have knuckles whiter than Hollywood teeth.

We get to the highway exit for the venue and we sail straight past. It would appear that our man at the wheel finds it easier to follow his sat nav than the back of the vehicle in front. Franksy asks what exactly is going on and is informed that it's ok, we're all going to the same place. Suitably reassured, we hold tight and hope for the best. Folks have been turning out in force with banners and signs on this tour and more than ever they've been getting organised about it, too. Harking back for a moment to a couple of blogs ago, to talk about the wonders of the information superhighway, it seems that folks are organising themselves to not only have the same sign, but they're co-ordinated enough that wherever they are in the arena, they all hold them up at the same time. This has been happening a lot on this tour (I'm looking in your direction Coldplaying.com) and it never fails to raise a smile.

Mat Whitecross making Jay-Z - Coldplay music video...

betweentheeyes.co.uk published details of another possible collaboration with the Lovers in Japan, Lost! , Dancing Politicians and Bigger Stronger director, Mat Whitecross, to film a new video for Lost+ featuring Jay-Z [pictured]. Here was the blurb:

"Mat W has just jetted out to New York with BTE producer Ben Pugh to shoot an exciting collaboration between Coldplay and Jay-Z on a new music video. Watch this space for more news... "

Coldplay had announced details back in September of a new four-track, digital-only 'Lost!' single which will be released on November 10th worldwide.

Coldplay's 'Lovers In Japan' Video Released Worldwide

Coldplay's music video in support of their new single 'Lovers in Japan' had officially been released worldwide via the Parlophone YouTube channel at midnight on Wednesday 4th November (GMT, EST-5). Here's what was reported back then:

The eagerly-awaited fourth video of the 'Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends' era is now officially released on the internet, following the three previous single videos (Violet Hill, Viva la Vida and Lost!), and not only that, the song will be aired on radio stations worldwide from November 4th. The LiJ video, which was leaked on YouTube several times within hours of its release, was directed by Mat Whitecross (who also directed the video to Lost!) and was shot in London, and it features the 'Osaka Sun Mix' track which itself is due for release on the forthcoming Prospekt's March EP from November 19th.

Because of its 'leak' on iTunes, many of you had already seen the video enough times to make a judgement on it, so you let us know what you thought of the video on our new poll and also the discussion thread (already 40 pages long by the time of the midnight release!).

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_exesnCA5Y"]YouTube - Coldplay - Lovers In Japan[/ame]

Secret message in Lovers In Japan video?

At around 3m45s in the Lovers in Japan video the letters EB., BA IN, and LL FO appear.

uScRoCkS003 asked if you had any ideas... after all, Coldplay did like plonking random stuff around when you least expect it (remember the silent film that spelt out VIVA LA VIDA months before they revealed the album title or single?)

Lovers in Japan Alternative Video

A new video of Lovers In Japan affiliated to Capitol records emerged online.

The video was shot by Matt Whitecross at the United Center in Chicago during the same show in which the official video of Lost! and Lost+ was from. The images of the video seem to be part of an alternative video of the fourth single taken from the album Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends, but it has since been rumoured that it could also be a footage of the eagerly-awaited Live DVD that Coldplay have been preparing during the shows in Chicago held on 22nd and 23rd of July.

The video wasn't the best quality... possibly an official release for the future?

[ame="http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=T60FT1w2-vM"]YouTube - Coldplay: Lovers in Japan Alternative Video[/ame]

Coldplay Makes Up For Postponed Detroit Show

Coldplay is often dismissed as being square, and doesn't pass the muster of the hipster tastemakers who decide what is cool and what is uncool, reported detnews.com.

If that's the case, then Monday night at the Palace of Auburn Hills the British foursome made the case that coolness is overrated. The sold-out crowd of 13,330 - a rarity in these times of economic woe - seemed to agree. During a joyous, grand and sometimes magical 95-minute set, Coldplay proved that arena rock spectacle doesn't have to involve pyrotechnics or fire, just a whole lot of heart. Led by frontman Chris Martin, wearing a colorful revolutionary war-style costume that appeared to have been lifted from the wardrobe closet of a local high school's theatre class, the band launched into "Life in Technicolor" and "Violet Hill," both from this year's "Viva la Vida," one of the year's sturdiest rock albums.

The band, mounting its most extensive and lavish production to date, was innovative in its presentation throughout. Images and live video were projected onto a handful of "puffer spheres," globe-shaped bulbs that hung above the stage and the crowd. Elsewhere, laser beams shot over the crowd during "Clocks," while an old-timey television showed video of the group on-stage. Monday's concert was a make-up date from a planned July show that was scrapped, along with a handful of other early tour dates, due to production concerns. But while that term is often used as a scapegoat for other internal tour problems, this time it seemed legitimate, as the show utilized crisp, tightly executed production elements throughout its set.

The band walked out to an auxiliary stage at the foot of the crowd to perform an electronified, slightly sci-fi version of "God Put a Smile on Your Face," and later jogged through the audience to a satellite stage at the back of the house, where they performed an acoustic version of "The Scientist" amid a sea of fans. Drummer Will Champion proved himself to be an essential and underrated force in the band, his pounding drums driving "Clocks," "Lost!" and a hammering "Politik."

For his part, Martin was candid and loose, slipping a lyric about Kid Rock and Eminem into "Politik" and apologizing to fans for the inconvenience of cancelling the July concert date. Acknowledging the Presidential election, he announced "we're happy to be with you on what we're calling the last night of the Bush administration," and he dedicated "The Hardest Part" to Jennifer Hudson. The show's peak came during "Lovers in Japan," as confetti butterflies rained down from the ceiling onto the audience. Any band can make it rain confetti, but it takes a special group of lads to shower butterflies onto an audience. The always dependable "Yellow," the band's very first hit, closed the show, as Martin and his bandmates bowed to the audience at its close.

The obvious comparison to Coldplay is U2, who also use their earnestness as their chief weapon in their rock and roll arsenal. But while Coldplay doesn't have the grandeur or the scope of their heroes, Monday proved they're well their way to one day being able to wear their crown. Just give them time.

Coldplay Roadies (do it in the dark!)

Coldplayers Mel and Lori (Melanieau & KissesBirds] were met with a double Coldplay whammy at the said Detroit show as they were not only upgraded to front row courtesy of Chris Martin but were introduced to and photographed backstage with the Coldplay roadies.

You can read their entire story from turning up at the venue, to their appearace backstage, at the messageboard discussion here onwards or via the shortened version at WikiColdplay.

Exclusive Preview Of Coldplay's Prospekt's March EP!

'oh they say you can see your future, inside a glass of water, the riddles and the rhymes'...

You grabbed your exclusive preview of Coldplay's fantastic new EP 'Prospekt's March' through the new EMI widget on Coldplaying.com. Rainy Day, Life in Technicolor ii, Prospekt's March and Glass of Water were featured...

[ame="http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=8kT4VoxmhOY"]YouTube - Coldplay - A Preview of: Prospekt's March (Original upload)[/ame]

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A Note From Chris Martin From Atlanta: 5th November 2008

Chris Martin wrote a note from Atlanta, courtesy of Coldplay.com:

BARACK to the FUTURE >>>>>
A note from Atlanta: November 5th 2008
A great great great day.
Barack Obama is elected and all feels right with the world. It's pretty amazing to be in America while it's all going on and we are grateful to be here. We hope you are well wherever you are.
The band Coldplay

Even Roadie #42 mused about the new President, while fluffing and folding his smalls in the launderette:

The day off falls on election day. I flip the TV news on and watch the results come in from around 7pm. Slowly, it becomes apparent that I'm watching history. My windows are open and I start to hear cheers on the streets of Manhattan. Once the news is announced, I decide that really, I should take a wander up to Times Square to take in the scene. Firstly I figure, I should see who is downstairs in the bar watching on the big screen. I can catch Mr. Obama's speech in the company of friends. Yasmine, our tour accountant is here with a friend from her time touring with The Who. Guy is also here with his friend Mags.

Watching the speech drives the stake of history into the ground. It's incredible after the past eight years to see a President who can not only string a sentence together, but can use words to inspire so greatly and give such optimism for the future. I stay for a drink and a chat before deciding to take to the streets to soak it up. Car horns mingle with whoops and cheers. Strangers are high fiving as they pass on the pavement. Now, I'm as cynical as the next fella, possibly more so. It's impossible though, not to feel like the world could really change for the better now. Folks over here have been fed a steady diet of fear for a dark few years now. The taste of hope is intoxicating. Don't let us down eh fella?

Rolling Stone Talks To Chris Martin On Prospekt's March EP

November would see Coldplay release the Prospekt's March EP - eight tracks that they failed to finish in time for Viva La Vida.

"We're English so it takes us a while to be really ambitious," says Chris Martin, checking in from the Bakery, the band's London studio, report Rolling Stone.

"They aren't ambitious in a Kid A way," he adds, but songs like 'Postcards From Far Away' and 'Rainy Day' definately broaden Coldplay's sound. "It's a risk for us," says Martin. "But what else are you going to do? Can't keep on trying to make 'Yellow' every day." Martin was in the midst of prepping for the band's current US tour. "There's no question that, at the moment, we're better live that we've ever been. Not quite as good as Pearl Jam, but we're getting there."

We agree, after kicking it with our homeys Jay-Z and Beyonce at the band's intimate warmup gig at New York's Hammerstein ballroom. Later, we got wasted with bassist Guy Berryman on Irish Car Bombs (Guinness with a shot of Baileys and Jameson). "That last drop is so good," he said.

Roadie #42: New setlist on the horizon!

Roadie #42 reaches his half-century of blogs by talking about changes to the setlist:

Chris bounds up to me on the journey into Orlando with a new setlst. It's been quite a while since we've played Setlist Twister. The start of this tour often felt like trying to ride a malfunctioning mechanical bull and then, all of a sudden, seemingly out of completely nowhere, things settled into a definitive form.

The current setlist is pretty much engraved into everyone on the crew's brains. The endings to songs trigger mental flags that it's time to carry out the necessary steps to be ready for the next one. As I've said before though, familiarity and repetition can become a little tiring. The show has got stronger and stronger night upon night in terms of the band's performance, but you can't beat a nice shake-up to keep everyone interested.

The new setlist relies on some elements that we don't have here yet, which means that we won't be descending into chaos tonight. In fact, potential for chaos is nicely deflated as the band call a production meeting on stage at the end of soundcheck. It only becomes apparent how much is involved in the gig now when the crowd of people affected by the changes begins to assemble on stage.

This is also only the 'immediate crew' and the department heads, but questions fly thick and fast: "If that song is going to follow this one, the balls are going to be in this position - what do you want on them in the change?", "Which mic are you going to sing at if you're finishing that song on guitar and then going straight to the piano?", "Do you want the longer intro version of that song to give you time to get from here to there, or are we going to go back to the old version?", "Is the piano going to stay out between this song and this one, or do you want it out of the way?" and so it goes on.

It's all minute tiny details, but they're exactly the kind of thing that could trip everyone up if they're not addressed in advance. The informal "round table" approach with the band and crew began in the studio - before rehearsals even began for this tour. Full and open communication between band and crew has been invaluable in getting a lot done quickly and that's what we're trying to do here. I won't spoil the surprise and tell you what the new setlist involves, but I think you'll like it and rest assured, when things finally fall into place, you'll be hearing about it here!

Chris Martin back in the studio writing new songs!

Roadie again reporting back, after stalking Chris Martin in a nearby studio:

It would seem that the impending Prospekt's March EP release has sent the band (and Chris in particular) into that familiar Coldplay overdrive. It's a day off today, but the term seems to mean little to one Mr. Martin. I've tagged along as he meets up with Viva's co-producer Rik Simpson to "put some ideas down".

I remember talking to Rik ages ago about how some songs arrive right at the end of a project - and that sometimes they are the best ones. He was saying that he reckons it's down to the fact that the creative juices are still flowing but there is suddenly the joy of the pressure being off. So, with "Prospekts March" finished and on its way, here he is with the tap still running.

Songs at this point are sketches, they are mere collections of chord progressions, riffs and melodies. From these seeds though, all the good stuff will happen. It's partly about getting things down at this stage - so that the flood of ideas doesn't end up slipping away forgotten. It's also about being able to hear things back and evaluate them, not necessarily now, but further down the line when work proper on the next record begins.

Coldplay Crowned 2008's Biggest Act At World Music Awards

Coldplay were crowned the world's top-selling act of 2008 at the World Music Awards (WMAs) in Monaco.

Their latest album "Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends," released mid-year, topped charts in the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, France and elsewhere. Sales apparently benefited from Coldplay's marketing strategy, including giving away the first single free over the Internet for a week and staging a series of free concerts before embarking on an international tour.

The band was also named the WMA's rock act of the year at the awards ceremony, although they were not there to accept it. Beyonce and Kid Rock were among the performers on the night. The annual awards honor artists based on worldwide sales figures provided by IFPI, a London-based body representing the recording industry.

Get Lost for £1.50! Coldplay's New EP Released

Coldplay's Lost! EP had been released digitally on November 10th, as a four-track, download-only product. Here was the tracklisting and cover art:

1. Lost!
2. Lost? (acoustic version)
3. [email protected] (live at United Center, Chicago)
4. Lost+ (feat Jay-Z)

The Sun Reviews Coldplay's Prospekt's March EP

The Sun became the first tabloid newspaper to review Coldplay's new EP. Here's their article:

If you thought Coldplay were just purveyors of precision-tooled, arena-slaying big rock ballads, you ain’t heard nothing yet. Their new Prospekt’s March EP, which I’m the only journalist on the planet to have heard, is their most wildly eclectic offering to date. Thumping hip-hop jams, thundering metal workouts, Indian tablas and colliery brass bands all jostle for space on their brilliant, bold and, at times, bonkers eight-tracker.

I revealed back in August how the boys — frontman Chris Martin. Guy Berryman, Will Champion and Jonny Buckland — had recorded far more songs than they could fit on their most recent album Viva La Vida. They have since collected the tracks together and will issue them later this month. The EP kicks off in relatively conventional territory. Life In Technicolor ii is the opening instrumental from Viva La Vida with lyrics strapped on. Chris intones ominously about the end of the world, over the familiar, euphoric music.

Glass Of Water, meanwhile, showcases a pulverisingly heavy and never previously heard side of the band. It reminds me of Muse at their most epic. Synths scream over thundering drum crashes and molten axe-riffage. If only Chris still had his unruly mop of curls, they’d be perfect for him to head-bang along to this monster. He howls about someone “spending their whole life living in the past, going nowhere fast”. Echoes of Beck’s landmark hip-hop album Odelay are writ large through Rainy Day. Chris confronts the pressures of life in the public eye while a funky Californian breakbeat and sweeping strings motor the track along. The title track is woozily psychedelic with guitars gently chiming and strings sweeping. Chris asks: “Don’t you wish your life could be as simple as fish swimming round in a barrel when you’ve got the gun?”

Lost+ and Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun mix) are both just moderately tweaked versions of tracks on Viva La Vida. But it’s the final track, Now My Feet Won’t Touch The Ground, which is the most audacious thing the lads have ever recorded. It begins in standard Coldplay ballad territory with delicate guitars and mysterious lyrics. Chris sings: “Push my bones from the highest cliff to the seas below/Swoop down from the sky and catch me like a bird of prey.”

Then Indian finger drums and a swelling array of trumpets and tubas arrive to take the track off into an extraordinary place. It’s brilliant. As is this EP. It’s out on November 24, just five days before the lads hit the UK for their arena tour. Not to be missed.

Chris Martin: "We're having the time of our lives"

Coldplay.com caught up with Chris Martin in Atlanta and posted a new interview. In it, Chris talks about the upcoming Prospekt's March EP, Barack Obama, Oasis and Exeter City FC, as well as dropping some sizeable hints about Coldplay's 2009 touring plans. Here is an excerpt of the interview:

So when you started recording Viva La Vida, the intention was to have extra songs?
Yeah. But they're all part of the same family. In truth, I think because Glass Of Water is a little heavier, for example, we felt like, "Let's put the album out and then if it does OK we'll put out those songs that we were maybe a little shy about putting out".

Did any of the EP's songs come close to being on Viva La Vida?
Well they all kind of are. I've never thought of them as not being, y'know? That's why it's funny when I realise people haven't heard them yet. Plus, it was nice to have an opportunity to remix Lovers In Japan and get Jay's version of Lost! on there. So to me it's like the right hand to Viva La Vida's left hand.

And what was the thinking behind the new Lovers In Japan mix?
Well, we've been playing it live better than it is on the record. So the live version has informed this Osaka Sun version, which is just a bit more lively. I'm super-pleased with the EP, I've gotta say. And I'm allowed to say that because it doesn't have the same pressure as an album coming out. I think the people who've got Viva La Vida already and like it will hopefully really like the EP because it's from the same family, if a little more catchy. And the people who haven't got Viva La Vida can get both together. I just feel good about it. But what I'm really excited about is playing in Britain.

Ah yes, the UK tour is only a couple of weeks away.
Exactly. I realised onstage yesterday that we've done almost 70 concerts now and we still haven't played at home. I just felt like, "Man, we've been really rude, we've got to go back and play there". I can't wait for the Sheffield show.

Do you have any special plans for the UK tour?
We'll we be doing the same kind of things, but the jokes will be more Britain-centric. We're going to have to lose all the Joe the Plumber jokes and the Sarah Palin jokes and come up with ones about Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand. Really the only problem with playing in different countries is thinking about what to say between songs.

Meanwhile, NME gave the EP 6/10:

The opener is ‘Life In Technicolor (ii)’, which takes ‘Viva…’’s opening almost-instrumental and adds a typically bombastic melody, plus a chorus whose words (“Now my feet won’t touch the ground!”) are reprised as the title of the stripped-down, acoustic guitar-led closing song. And in-between? Well, there’s a positively garagantuan, only slightly Eno-ified stadium filler entitled ‘Glass Of Water’, featuring such deep and meaningful musings as “Dream that you could see your future/Inside a glass of water/The ripples and the lines”; a vaguely dance-y, ever-so-vaguely funky “experimental” effort called ‘Rainy Day’; and the title track, which tries oh-so hard to be a bit, y’know, strange, before the inevitable arrival of synth strings (buoying a ‘Wish You Were Here’-aping line in the guise of, “We’re just two little figures in a soup bowl”) and the even more inevitable arrival of – you guessed it — a life-affirming™ chorus.

All of which is far more complicated than it needs to be, a hefty bout of smoke and mirrors ultimately intended to add some mystery to the Coldplay campaign and re-ignite interest in ‘Viva La Vida…’ which, at the time of going to press, is residing in the lower regions of the Top 40. Will it work? Is ‘Prospekts March’ a stroke of marketing/brand reigniting/whatever genius? Lord knows. But can someone do me a fucking favour and please figure out the best way to do all this shit, so we can get back to reviewing actual music rather than all these crazy little projects?!

Coldplay Hint At Stadium Tour In 2009

Chris Martin revealed that their proposed mammoth Knebworth show would not be happening. He had spoken of the band's plans to hold a one-off gig in the grounds of Knebworth House in Hertfordshire on Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show.

However on the coldplay.com website Martin has said, "Well, we tried to get Knebworth but it just wasn't possible. So we're having to think of something else. In fact, I think we have thought of something else. Hopefully we'll be able to announce it soon. And hopefully it's not the same day that Oasis have booked it."

Martin dropped further hints adding, "Our touring plans are very much like Christmas presents that are wrapped, but you can basically see what they are. If you look carefully you can see the shape. And you can probably guess, 'Oh this feels like a stadium'."

So it looks as though a forthcoming stadium tour by the band is definitely on the cards for next year. Oasis' stadium gigs include Heaton Park in Manchester, Sunderland Stadium of Light, Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh and Wembley Stadium.

But the mystery deepenrf over Coldplay at Knebworth - Chris Martin announced on their website the 2009 gig would not happen, but speaking to the WHT Times 24 today (Tuesday), Knebworth's managing director Martha Lytton Cobbold said she was impressed with the buzz Coldplay's potential gig had created. She said: "The enquiry is still live as far as I'm concerned. We sent out potential dates and fees and so it's still with the band. It would be really nice if their fans and the band's desire to play here could be realised."

Video Premiere: Coldplay's 'Lost' Featuring Jay-Z

Coldplay taped their live appearance singing the remix version of 'Lost' featuring Jay-Z and release it as a music video for the remix:

<object width="448" height="374"> <param name="movie" value="http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/e/16711680/wshhWxMD875DbM520glo" /> <param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /><param name="quality" value="high" /> <embed src="http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/e/16711680/wshhWxMD875DbM520glo" quality="high" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true" width="448" height="374"></embed> </object>

Coldplay's Chris Martin Hints Retirement Next Year

Chris Martin said he is planning to retire next year. The Coldplay frontman doesn't want to become an aging rock star and is keen to quit music before he feels too old, AHN and ContactMusic are reporting today.

He said: "I'm 31 now and I don't think bands should keep going past 33. So we're trying to pack in as much as possible. Up until the end of next year, we'll just go for it in every sense. I don't believe in time off. We've still got our own hair, we can still fit into our musical trousers and we've got to make the most of that."

Chris claimed Coldplay have only had such a successful year because their rivals have taken a break. He added: "The reason we're the biggest band in the world at the moment is because the others are on holiday. That's how you get your breaks. That's how the understudy gets his opportunity. While U2 and Green Day are away, we've gotten to make the most of it."

Coldplay cover Flaming Lips at Oklahoma

Here's Roadie #42 with the details:

It's pretty common for shows in more out of the way places to be the ones with the most enthusiastic crowds. Oklahoma then, has potential to be a right good night out. We arrive late in the day, as soundcheck has been bypassed yet again. At the top of the ramp that leads us into the bowels of the arena are three young ladies holding banners who giddily bounce and wave as the band's vehicles swing around the corner. This is obviously not the only time this has happened, however when we emerge some hours later after the show, they are still there and they are just as excitable. I really do hope that they saw the show in between. Not just because they clearly were wonderfully bonkers about the band, but because it was a particularly good night.

Being in the hometown of the Flaming Lips means a lot at a Coldplay gig. Not only are the band great friends with the Lips guys, but so too are some of the crew. Hoppy, who looks after Chris's guitars worked for them many years ago. So did keyboard tech Neill Lambert (also now infamous as Chris's spooky Halloween attacker). I pass Neill in the corridor just as Wayne Coyne is making his way into the arena. Somewhat fittingly, Neill is in the middle of building a robot out of some metal electrical casings he's rescued from the dumpster. Proof if it were needed that we're heading now onto the beautiful slippery slope into what is commonly referred to as tour madness. I can only imagine that by Christmas, there are going to be a lot of inane grins and wonderfully skewed mental states. In the meantime, Neill's as yet unamed creation has been given a job in the Production Office dispensing setlists. I'm not sure he's even seen the Talk video. Maybe it's just subconscious...

Politik ends to make way for a one-off Flaming Lips cover in honour of tonight's guests.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clqTXbkyqaA"]YouTube - Coldplay Cover Flaming Lips (Oklahoma City, 16th November 2008)[/ame]

NME Removes News About Coldplay Split

NME removed (blank page) their news article that rumoured Coldplay were to split in 2009-10. Earlier, NME had a post up about Chris Martin discussing a possible Coldplay split in the next couple of years, but the post was since taken down, which led Coldplaying to believe that someone swooped in to quell those rumours.

Of course, once the rumour hits the web, it's very hard to take it off, and a quick Google News search reveals plenty of quotations on the prospect of a Coldplay breakup from Chris Martin.

Let's be clear: this is nothing but pure rumour - Coldplay is not breaking up anytime soon, and we don't know if Chris Martin is telling the truth about the long term. We're not quite sure if he's ever telling the truth - as we found out after the Brit Awards 2005 - Coldplay don't 'just split up'. But Coldplay fans shouldn't be scouring the web for farewell tour tickets just yet.

Coldplaying.com Catches Up With Pete Lusby, Coldplay's Oxfam Tour Co-ordinator

Pete Lusby is currently touring the world with Coldplay, promoting Oxfam's campaigns to concert-goers. Joined by teams of dedicated volunteers, Oxfam are raising awareness of, and advising of how we can all take action to overcome, poverty. Coldplaying.com caught up with Pete, via email, to find out more about life on tour, volunteering and Oxfam.

Hi Pete! Thanks for sparing some of your time to answer some questions. How did you become involved with Oxfam?
I'd always known about it from the Oxfam shops in Britain. I learnt more through a Development Studies course at university.. and seeing Oxfam at Glastonbury Festival. I started out working for Oxfam as an intern. I volunteered full-time for six months from April 2007. I was working as the assistant coordinator on the Oxfam GB Festivals programme. We were doing a similar thing to what we do on band tours. Volunteer campaigners helped over 101'000 festival-goers sign a Climate Change petition. We also had a chill-out/Fairtrade coffee/dance tent and an Oxfam Campervan, at some of the festivals which was great fun to work on. After that I worked on 'Oxjam', Oxfam's fundraising music festival in UK, another band tour with Klaxons in the UK, and then on fundraising challenge events like the London Marathon and Trailwalker. Then Coldplay came up... and I jumped at the chance.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Oxfam?
I love meeting people who are enthusiastic about Oxfam's work to fight poverty, whether that's our volunteers or music fans who see us out there at the venues. It's good to know that the work we are doing can make a difference to people's lives. I won't lie to you though.. working at festivals and gigs is a great buzz too.

Read the full interview article here [thanks jenjie]

Coldplaying Playlist For Absolute Radio Forums 'Rock-off'

Absolute Radio launched an initiative to engage online music communities and attract listeners to the rebranded music station.

Its 'rock-off' targetted online communities for core Absolute artists such as Oasis, Kings of Leon and Coldplay, encouraging them to create playlists in the hope of winning a radio show dedicated to their favourite singer or band. The ten-track playlists would be judged by Absolute Radio's online community as the participating forums compete in a knock-out. Here was Coldplaying's Playlist:

1) Coldplay - Politik
2) Radiohead - High And Dry
3) Coldplay - Shiver
4) Keane - Somewhere Only We Know
5) Coldplay - The Scientist
6) U2 - With Or Without You
7) Oasis - Wonderwall
8) Coldplay - Viva La Vida
9) The Killers - All These Things That I've Done
10) Coldplay - Amsterdam
11) The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun
12) Coldplay - Lovers In Japan

Prospekt's March EP Released! Spanish website first to stream EP

Some lucky Coldplay fans had already received their copies of the Prospekt's March EP, but if it still wasn't available were you are - Los40 (Madrid, Spain) were streaming the Prospekt's March EP in full over at their website here (and still are!).

You let us know what you thought of the EP overall - you can still add your comments here

Coldplay Snubs Adelaide On Australian Tour Itinery

Coldplay snubbed Adelaide on its 2009 tour as they announced it will tour Australia in February and March of next year. South Australian fans will instead have to pay for flights to one of the band's performances in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne.

Chris Martin spoke exclusively from Atlanta recently to announce Coldplay's Australian tour for February and March. A notoriously difficult interviewee, he was uncharacteristically candid with Insider during Australia's Daily Telegraph early-morning interview - perhaps because he felt guilty about the time difference and the fact the interview had been pushed back three hours.

But a spokeswoman for touring company Chugg Entertainment said there were no plans to add Adelaide to the Coldplay schedule at a later date. That was despite the band playing at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on their 2006 tour. "We were given a specific window of availability for Coldplay's Australian tour and, unfortunately, despite our best efforts, it was not possible to route the tour through Adelaide this time around," the spokeswoman said.

With Coldplay's tour billed as its biggest ever, there has been speculation the band may miss Adelaide due to the lack of an appropriate venue. This comes after the Sunday Mail reported last week that the Adelaide Entertainment Centre has come under fire from tour promoters for being "tired" and "poor and dated". The comments, made in a Public Works Committee report tabled in Parliament last month, included a statement from Michael Chugg, director of Chugg Entertainment, the promoters behind Coldplay's Australian tour. In the report, Mr Chugg – who has previously brought tours from Sir Elton John and Keith Urban to Adelaide – describes the centre as "well below the standards expected from a major capital city such as Adelaide".

Coldplay's Sydney and Melbourne concerts are being staged at the Rod Laver Arena and ACER Arena. Local concert promoter Trevor Hunt says AAMI Stadium would be more than suitable for such a tour. "When you look at U2, one of the biggest bands in the world, playing at AAMI Stadium . . . 60,000 people, they were very happy with the venue, as have a lot of the acts that have been down there," Mr Hunt said.

The full Australasian tour itinery is:

27 February 2009 - Burswood Dome, Perth, Australia
28 February 2009 - Burswood Dome, Perth, Australia
3 March 2009 - Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia
4 March 2009 - Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia
5 March 2009 - Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia
8 March 2009 - Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia
9 March 2009 - Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia
11 March 2009 - Acer Arena, Sydney, Australia
12 March 2009 - Acer Arena, Sydney, Australia
14 March 2009 - Acer Arena, Sydney, Australia
15 March 2009 - Acer Arena, Sydney, Australia
18 March 2009 - Vector Arena, Auckland, New Zealand
19 March 2009 - Vector Arena, Auckland, New Zealand

Meanwhile, Chris martin also chatted to the breakfast to announce Coldplay's upcoming Australian tour in March. Which means he would be spending his birthday in oz. Will he be spending it with Merrick Rosso and Kate at BBQ? Watch the video to find out.

Chris Martin: "Barack Obama's Election Has Inspired New Songs"

Coldplay was such an enormous earner for record label EMI that the company's share price took a beating in the UK when the band delayed the release of its previous album, X&Y. Martin spoke openly about the pressure that has put on him, but appeared to have relaxed about the financial side of the music business, Australia's Herald Sun reports.

"I tried getting wrapped up in it for a while and really thinking about business, but it really didn't fit as a hat to be wearing," he says. "If people are singing along and our record isn't in the bargain bin, then I don't worry about anything. If I stop at a gas station and our record is free with a can of Coke, then I will start to worry."

Viva La Vida has only been out a few months and Martin is working on new material, releasing a special edition of the album with eight new songs. Martin has been a strong critic of outgoing US President George W. Bush and said he had been inspired musically by the political changes in the US. He says he has never felt more political than when Barrack Obama was voted into power. "I just feel much more hopeful about things," he says, adding his election had inspired new songs. "The reason why I find Barrack Obama inspiring, not because of what he says, but he is tireless. I just have so much respect for people who never give up and he, to me, is the definition of that."

Chris 'I am a seducer' Martin, Man of the Year (Q magazine, January 2009)

Number 1 in 36 countries, a punctuation innovator and an incorrigible flirt, Coldplay's Chris Martin was featured in an article in the January 2009 edition of Q Magazine which hit the shelves in November:

How was 2008 for you?
[Confusing the issue already] See we've just been trying to finish this EP, Prospekt's March, so we're completely in the same zone that we were the last time we spoke to you.

You mean, with your head in your hands with worry, mere weeks before you had a Number 1 album in 36 countries?
It's not worry, it's just focus! We're cursed by ambitious hunger. We're always just looking at the next thing, y'know? There's a Jay-Z version of Lost! on the EP [entitled Lost+, as opposed to three other versions on the Lost! single, which are Lost!, Lost? and [email protected]]. Say what you like about us, we might not be rock 'n' roll but we do more with punctuation than any other band.

Read the full interview here [thanks David Watts]

Coldplay Perform At American Music Awards 2008

Coldplay performed Lovers In Japan at the AMAs 2008. The event was held live at Los Angeles' Nokia Theatre, LA. Coldplay didn't win any awards. Didn't want any anyway looking at the winners' list.

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Coldplay Announce UK Stadium Tour For September 2009

Coldpla announced big UK shows for September 2009. Chris Martin called up BBC Radio 1 to announce that Coldplay are playing a string of stadium shows in September. "It's like a dream come true," said Chris about the dates on the radio just now. The dates are as follows:

12 September 2009 - Lancashire County Cricket Club, Manchester, UK
14 September 2009 - Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland
16 September 2009 - Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland
18 September 2009 - Wembley Stadium, London, UK
19 September 2009 - Wembley Stadium, London, UK

Chris Martin joked that the band will resemble Hulk Hogan at their 2009 UK stadium shows. The group will play gigs in Manchester and Glasgow before concluding at London's Wembley Stadium on September 19th. In an interview with BBC Radio 1's Chris Moyles, Martin said the band would follow a strict fitness regime before the dates. "By the time we play the gigs we're going to look like Hulk Hogan,” he said. “If you're going to play stadium gigs you got to have pectorals." Martin added that if Moyles could develop his own six pack in time for the shows he could join the band on stage for 'Yellow'.

Kidnapped by Coldplay!

The Sun's Gordon Smart was 'kidnapped' by Coldplay's Guy Berryman, Chris Martin, Will Champion and Jonny Buckland, as the journalist bags an exclusive interview with the band during the American Music Awards...

One thing I never thought I would say in my career is that I have been kidnapped by Coldplay. But a routine interview in a drab American city with Britain’s biggest band turned into one of the best weekends I’ve ever had.

Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Will Champion and Jonny Buckland didn’t just grant me a chat about their new EP and the announcement of massive outdoor gigs next year. They gave me a seat on their private jet, a fancy hotel room, my own space in their dressing room, a key role in their football team and, most important, a chance to wear one of their Viva La Vida uniforms (which I once suggested were smelly — they are not).

Meanwhile, in Part II of the Sun's interview, Gordon Smart continued his exlusive interviews with Coldplay's Guy Berryman, Chris Martin, Will Champion and Jonny Buckland, as the journalist travels with the band across America and on to the American Music Awards...

There is one huge drawback being in a globally successful rock ’n’ roll band on the road – missing The X Factor. Coldplay have been touring the US for most of the latest series, missing out on the phone vote drama and bickering judges on the TV talent show juggernaut. Before I could even ask a question in the band’s dressing room in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Saturday night frontman Chris Martin insisted on a full update from the show. He said: “We haven’t seen The X Factor for about ten weeks. Is Laura still in, that nice girl from Manchester (She’s actually from Bolton)? She was our favourite. She should win.”

"No Coldplay Split" Says Jonny Buckland's Mum

The mum of Coldplay’s lead guitarist scotched rumours the band might be poised to split. Joy Buckland – mother of the top band’s lead guitarist Jonny Buckland – dismissed the speculation published in a Sunday newspaper.

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin was quoted as saying he wanted to leave the band – now regarded as the world’s top rock outfit – before his 33rd birthday in March 2010. Speaking from her home near Mold, Joy said vocalist Chris often made quips which were misinterpreted. She said: “People sometimes don’t understand his humour. There are often Chinese whispers about the band, but I’ve had no confirmation from Jonny that they are breaking up.”

Jonny Buckland Pays $3.4M For Manhattan Condominium

Coldplay’s guitarist, Jonny Buckland paid $3,400,000 to buy a two-bedroom, 2,107-square-foot condominium unit in a 116-year-old converted loft building in Manhattan’s East Village area.

The New York Observer’s Ben Abelson broke the story online on Tuesday morning of Buckland’s purchase of the sixth-floor, corner unit, then elaborated on the purchase in the paper’s “Manhattan Transfers” column. Indeed, records show that Buckland, 31, went to contract on the unit on September 10, with the deal closing on November 17. The deed was recorded with the city on Monday.

The Observer bent over backwards to emphasize the location of the building where Buckland bought, which is why we don’t mind also reporting that the 50-unit building’s address is 21 Astor Place. Features in Buckland’s new unit, which had been listed for $3,550,000, include two and a half baths, loft-like windows, exposed brick, 14-foot-plus ceilings, an unobstructed view of Cooper Square and the famous Cube, custom recessed lighting throughout, a dramatic foyer (”perfect for showcasing your art collection,” as Abelson noted), extra-wide oak wood flooring, a washer/dryer hookup, soundproofed bedroom windows, central air conditioning, a custom tailored large closet space and an open Poggenpohl chef’s kitchen with a Viking refrigerator, a Bosch oven and range, and a Miele dishwasher, according to listing information. Other features include bathrooms with marble floors and full Neptune tubs, according to listing information.

Coldplay reach end of American Viva La Vida 2008 Tour

...and they celebrate it during Thanksgiving with... Pumpkin soup. Here's Roadie #42 again:

It seems somewhat fitting that we're celebrating the end of our work here in the US (for now at least), with a meal celebrating a holiday that, as Brits, we have no understanding of whatsoever. We're all sat in the hotel until the evening flight, so Franksy has organised us a Thanksgiving feast.

It strikes us partway through the meal that not one of us around the table is American. Thanksgiving though, is about celebrating the fact that the hard work is done, that the harvest has been good. The shows and the whole touring experience this time out have been excellent. It definitely feels as though we've arrived at a point to take stock, to slump on the sofa and pat our bellies. It would feel this way that is, if the UK tour wasn't starting as soon as we're back. In the meantime, the pumpkin soup is excellent.

Here were all the discussion on those dates:

20 October 2008: Scotiabank Place, Ottawa, ON, Canada
21 October 2008: Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH, USA
26 October 2008: Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ, USA
27 October 2008: Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ, USA
29 October 2008: TD Banknorth Gardens, Boston, MA, USA
31 October 2008: Verizon Center, Washington DC, USA
1 November 2008: Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA
3 November 2008: The Palace of Auburn Hills, Detroit, MI, USA
5 November 2008: Phillips Arena, Altanta, GA, USA
7 November 2008: Amway Arena, Orlando, FL, USA
9 November 2008: Bank Atlantic Center, Ft Lauderdale, FL, USA
11 November 2008: Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA, USA
13 November 2008: Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO, USA
14 November 2008: Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN, USA
16 November 2008: Ford Center, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
18 November 2008: Toyota Center, Houston, TX, USA
19 November 2008: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX, USA
21 November 2008: Pepsi Center Arena, Denver, CO, USA
22 November 2008: Energy Solutions Arena, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
25 November 2008: Honda Centre, Anaheim
26th November 2008: Jobing.com Arena, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Postcards From Far Away... To Coldplay!

The Coldplaying 'Postcards From Far Away Project' arranged by Lore and ApproximatelyInfinate, and guided by Zemy101's artistical intelligence, finally had a Coldplay address.

Here were some of your designs:



Livin' life in Technicolor
May 15, 2007

Roadies do it in the dark!!! Weeeeeeeee! Such a great day!



Aug 3, 2008
"Jonny Buckland Pays $3.4M For Manhattan Condominium"

definitely this, it was exciting to find out that he bought a place like 15 minutes away from me. :D


Oh, to be that bass.....
Sep 8, 2008
This is too much!!!! :bigcry:

If i could vote "Pris meets Chris, Jonny & Guy in Houston" my decision would be much easier..... :\

But i'll go with the postcards, i've loved that project from the start :nice:


Jul 18, 2008
If i could vote "Pris meets Chris, Jonny & Guy in Houston" my decision would be much easier..... :\
Yeah, that was an awesome day........specially cuz you got to have the "Jonny cakes with Berries" breakfast...........me still jealous :p

& I voted for the PFFA project as well :nice:

Happy New Year everyone :D


Oh, to be that bass.....
Sep 8, 2008
The Jonnycakes with berries were yummy..... :wacky:




Full of Sunshine
Dec 9, 2008
"Jonny Buckland Pays $3.4M For Manhattan Condominium"

definitely this, it was exciting to find out that he bought a place like 15 minutes away from me. :D
Do I sense "STALKER ALERT"? :laugh3::laugh3: Just kidding!
This is too much!!!! :bigcry:
If i could vote "Pris meets Chris, Jonny & Guy in Houston" my decision would be much easier..... :\
But i'll go with the postcards, i've loved that project from the start :nice:
Yeah, why it wasn't included?


Dec 21, 2004
I voted Coldplay reach end of American Viva La Vida 2008 Tour.

Just because I was able to see on of those shows. :)