12 Coldplay months of 2009: NOVEMBER (Two Exciting Exhibitions)


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Jun 5, 2008
Apologies for the lateness of this post, I had to see a man about a dog.


With The ‘Viva La Vida’ tour over all but for several charity concerts and the long awaited Latin America tour in 2010, you would be forgiven for thinking that November was a boring year in 2009’s Coldplay calendar.

The Oracle is still in residence, and the boys are in the studio.


In early November it was revealed that Wembley Stadium had suffered another huge pre-tax loss of £31.1million and is not expected to break even until 2014, which means Coldplay will probably have played there on a second consecutive world tour before Wembley manages to pay off its rebuilding-cost debts.

Wembley Stadium is used all year round for football matches, rugby matches and all sorts of concerts. 2009 saw big acts such as Arctic Monkeys, U2, Oasis and Take That grace it’s marvellous structure.

Surely we won’t lose the nations treasure? Will we?
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VpOT8EUk9w"]YouTube- Coldplay and Jay-Z Wembley Stadium 2009 - Viva La Vida[/ame]


Brian Eno proved to be someone who was very interesting to interview. In his interview he talked about working with Coldplay and U2. Here is an extract from the article; to read the full article please visit the following link: http://pitchfork.com/features/interv...723-brian-eno/

Pitchfork: In some way you bore the brunt of similar suspicion and ire when you agreed to work with Coldplay. It even forced people to miss that you made a good record together.

Brian Eno: Well, again, there are ways of playing it safe, and for me playing it safe would be to-- since I don't really need the money-- to work with only sort of critically respectable, obscure, experimental indie bands. Everyone would say, oh, that's fine. I would be that kind of producer who does that kind of thing. But when I met Coldplay and got to know them, I so much liked those people and I so think that they really want to do something. Again, it's like U2 were. They are hungry to do something else. And they will. I'm sure they'll turn out to be a great band.

Pitchfork: When you have a band like U2 or Coldplay, in theory they can do whatever they want. They're popular, they're wealthy, that should afford one complete freedom. But there are imposed limitations of stardom.

Brian Eno: Yes, though funnily enough that doesn't produce such a strong effect as you would think in the studio. What I think produces a strong effect is the feeling of not wanting to disappoint people. Because one thing you are aware of when you're very popular is how much stock people put in your work. You know that there are 11-year-olds who are saving up to buy your record. [laughs] Though that's probably not true anymore.


Coldplay.com officially a second Mexico City date for their Latin American tour which they have set for March 7th at Foro Sol.

Exclusive interview to Nikki Rosetti, the producer of 'Safety'!

coldplayzone.it spoke to Nikki Rosetti who shared some stories about working with the band
Is there any funny anecdote, any particular event or remarkable quote that characterized and distinguished the moments of the two produced-by-you EPs creation?
Well, the thing that always sticks out in my mind is Chris and his 'sorries'. Chris was a genuinely nice, well mannered, inoffensive guy as well as being a perfectionist. If he felt he hadn't sung a phrase particularly well, he would keep saying saying 'Sorry Nikki', and we'd stop take it again. After some hours I had to stop and tell Chris to stop apologising all the time. The tape is littered with 'sorry Nikki'. Perhaps that should have been the name of the e.p!
Read the full interview here.

The Exhibition Room is open!
I, among many other Coldplayers, received an interesting e-mail from the mysterious RSVP e-mail address on the official Coldplay website. It gave us the chance to add ‘exhibitions’ to a new feature on the official Coldplay website called The Exhibition Room. Every day a new exhibition is added to the room which could range from anything from a painting to a short video. An exciting new feature which really let a lot of our more creative Coldplayer’s be, well, creative!

Do we have to remind you of the excitement going on when there were replies from [email protected] all of a sudden? :lol:

So what we knew already by the end of October became official on November 5th.
Later that month the Exhibition Room was even extended, giving us a new exhibit every day, not only from Monday to Friday.

The exhibition had been launched by this picture:

Since then we saw many pictures and videos, some of them sent in by coldplayers! :dance:

Coldplay's Capital Records "Stripped" performance online!

We had to wait a long time for this to appear on the net but what a treat it was in the hard time after the last concert in London!

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPXckbsqNTc"]YouTube- iheartradio: Coldplay covers "Billie Jean" Stripped (Live)[/ame]


It was announced that Coldplay were set to be on the new War Child 10 album wich was released on December 1st.
Here is the tracklisting:
Coldplay — "How You See The World No. 2"
The Kooks — "Victoria"
Jimmy Eat World — "Firestarter"
Beck — "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat"
Muse — "House Of The Rising Sun"
Radiohead — "I Want None Of This"
New Order — "Vietnam"
Wolfmother — "Don't Let It Bring You Down"
Oasis — "Fade Away"
Beth Orton — "Ooh Child"
Friends Of War Child — "People Have The Power"
Sy'rai featuring A.U.C.A.Y.D. — "Let It Rain" (bonus track)

Chris Martin opens the Kids Company Charity Auction

Chris attended the opening of the Kids Company Charity Auction in London.
The band had donated £1 million in September already and we should hear about the charity later again!!
Look at the pictures and see the wardrobe discussion here! :laugh3:

X Factor's Stacey Solomon receives gifts from Coldplay

Oh who wasn't jealous when they saw what Stacey received!
The band gave her signed CDs and wrote a little note after they saw her performing "The Scientist" on the X Factor
"We love watching you on TV. Your singing is great and you're very lovely"

Possible release of "Slashed"?

Ash on their film Slashed: "A lot of people will want to see Chris Martin getting axed to death"
Hell yes, we want to see it!
Our hopes were raised to finally see more than the little videos on youtube.
Sadly, there's nothing new until today.
Fingers crossed!

Another sad news came from the Oracle, telling that there won't be a "Behind the scenes" documentary of the amazing "Strawberry Swing" video... :bigcry:

Roadie #42 causes Beehive craziness

In his blog #109 he talks about being confused, sleeping on an air-bed below the uniforms and their smell... but also gave us the news that there would be a new studio!!
"It's the skanky looking Beehive."
Even though it's in a mess right now, the one thing that you can't help noticing as you wander amongst the rubble is how much light there is everywhere. Studios can very often feel like underground bunkers. Soundproofing is somewhat all or nothing and windows can often get trampled in the rush to keep the neighbours happy.

Not so here at the Beehive, though. Everywhere you go there's light streaming in. Even on a relatively gloomy British afternoon, it's noticeably bright inside. I can only imagine that this will be reflected in the new material.

Talking of new material, the studio whiteboards are positively exploding with plans, schemes and fragments of fresh ideas. In some places, when Chris has run out of white-board to write on, he's carried right on to the adjacent plaster. It's like the tour was an 18 month session of shaking up the fizzy drink bottle of the band's imagination - and now they're back in the studio, the lid has been unscrewed.

Simon Pegg talks about his friendship with Chris

Before Simon talked about Coldplay and Jay Z during a radio takeover in December, he talked to the Mirror
"My wife worked in the music industry looking after Toploader who were doing a showcase at the Dome, one of the other bands was Coldplay,” he said. "I met Chris afterwards. He had seen Big Train that I had out. He came up to say ‘hi’, we hit it off and became friends. It’s been wonderful."

Jonny gets married, Guy's side project "Apparatjik" releases first single

Jonny got married to his girlfriend Chloe in November and the Oracle revealed that not Chris but Will was his best man. Also it was interesting to learn that Mr Buckland hired X-Factor reject Daniel Pierce, revealed The Sun
Here is an extract from the article:

Daniel Pierce, or as he's better known, the one with the mohawk from X Factor used to be in Popstars: The Rivals reality band One True Voice. Since getting the boot from this year's X Factor Daniel has fronted a covers band at weddings, bar mitzvahs and other events...

And, apparently, they're actually pretty good. A guest at Jonny's wedding to long-term girlfriend Chloe on Saturday said: "It was a shock when we saw who was doing the music. I couldn't believe that the guitarist in the world's biggest band would hire someone from X Factor and Popstars: The Rivals to perform covers. Daniel was really good though. He had everyone up dancing. It was a great day. Jonny said he'd booked the band but had no idea who would be fronting it."

Coldplay have a long-held fascination with X Factor and have regularly said they like the show. Only last weekend they sent contestant Stacey Solomon a signed poster and a hand- written note wishing her all the best.

Jonny is one of the nicest fellas I've met in the music business. His wedding was typical of him, a low-key affair with only close family and friends invited and no glossy magazine deal or hangers-on. His Coldplay bandmates - Chris, Guy and Will were there. He did allow himself one excess though - booking London's plush One Marylebone venue for the bash. It costs around £30,000 to hire. The guest added: "They had obviously spent a lot of money and it looked really romantic with all the high ceilings and the flowers decorating it."


Apparatjik fans were bursting from anticipation to hear the new single "Electric Eye" which had to be "found" on their (confusing) website from November 30th onwards.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWMY-mlE5Q0"]YouTube- Electric Eye[/ame]

Coldplay featured in Q Magazine's Artists Of The Century

Besides various other sites and magazines mentioning Coldplay in their "songs of the decade" lists, Q Magazine's January issue (yes, it came out that early) of course had Coldplay in their list as well.

Have a look here to see the scans again!

Coldplay In 2009: My Take

Thank you so much for giving me this chance to help make a thread which celebrates the Coldplay calender. It has been an absolute pleasure but I go and mess it up by posting it a day late! Well, that's me.
I would just like to say thank you to the site owner, alias busybeeburns, for creating this amazing site where people from all over the world can share their love of an amazing band. Coldplay have continued to entertain us and keep us guessing this year, with new videos, new single releases and new shows. I was set to see them in Manchester in September but unfortunately I could not go, I was dissapointed but I cannot wait to see them on their next tour. From what I heard, concerts like Manchester and the amazing Wembley Stadium brought together a whole load of Coldplayers, and showed me from the out outset how licky we are to be a part of the Coldplaying family.

Speaking of the Coldplaying family, in November there was a new edition to the Coldplaying family....little Samuel. He was born to the 'aww's' of many Coldplayers, and we all gathered round to congratulate Ian and Jen, the site owners, on their little bundle of joy. We rushed around with cards, signed stuff from the band and all sorts of stuff for the little baby boy. Now I would just like to congratulate Ian and Jen one more time and I'm sure me and the rest of the Coldplaying family can't wait to see him grow up in the shadow of a great band and a great community.

Thank you,
Simon (iPsy)

This article was written by SueDeNimes and iPsy


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