12 Coldplay Months Of 2013: March (Coldplay, the gift that keeps on giving back)


Jan 18, 2009
March 2013 was all about charity and that shouldn’t be a surprise to you since Coldplay is known to be one of the most charitable music acts in the world.

They first partnered with Oxfam and gave them an acoustic recording of their classic hit In My Place and encouraged fans worldwide to take part of the video. This campaign was to fight land grabs. The film was directed by renowned director Mat Whitecross who is also behind some of the most iconic Coldplay videos. You can watch the film here

Then, band pianist, lead vocal and ultimate cutie, Chris Martin joined the #LHandSign Lupus Awareness Campaign. If you want to check them out, here is their Facebook page and twitter handle https://www.facebook.com/runningforlupus

They also worked with For Wildlife to help fight against rhinoceros poaching. The organization used Coldplay’s flawless song Til Kingdom Come to soundtrack their campaign.

They also raised awareness for Down Syndrome http://www.worlddownsyndromeday.org/

They helped Drop 4 Drop provide clean water for all. A cause dear to Chris Martin. Please check out their website http://www.drop4drop.org/

Guy Berryman, the band bassist and extraordinarily handsome man, helped advertise the book Love Music Love Book to raise funds for Teenage Cancer http://www.teenagecancertrust.org/
You can still buy the book http://www.lovemusiclovefood.org/

The band also auctioned the guitar that Chris Martin used during the MX Tour to perform the amazing song God Put A Smile Upon Your Face to raise funds for the Hurricane Sandy Relief. Chris also performed at the Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert that took place back in December 2012.

The band finally lent a helping hand to Fierce Panda Recordings (who gave Coldplay their big break) so they can raise funds for their upcoming documentary.
“The story of much-loved indie label Fierce Panda Recordings will be told in a new movie released via PledgeMusic. Created by Document Films, ‘Endangered: The Story Of Fierce Panda Records’, will be released in February 2014 to tie in with the 20th birthday celebrations of the label. A soundtrack album condensing the best of over 250 Fierce Panda single releases will accompany the film, whilst a retrospective book is also being mulled over.”


COVER-UP, the second issue of the critically acclaimed comic series Mylo Xyloto by Coldplay and Bongo Comics was released.

Another event related to the band that happened this month was the speaking gig of Coldplay’s former manager Estelle Wilkinson at the London Welsh Centre, as part of the “Creative Cardiff – An evening looking at the Cardiff music scene”. Estelle supposedly talked about managing the band for 6 years.

Recapping this month made me love Coldplay even more (I thought that wasn't possible). They are talented, down to earth and very generous both with their time and with their money.
I hope they've inspired you to think about the less fortunate and give back.


Stand tall, bipedal ape
Dec 11, 2006
Thanks for the review, Macky :)

Such a nice month of charity work!