30-Jul-08: Calgary - Tickets, Preview, Meetups, Review/Photos


mr coldplaying himself
Sep 8, 2002
Welcome to the thread for the above show which can be used for all discussion prior to, during and after the show.

One thread one show - should hopefully keep everyone organised and up-to-date with Coldplay on the road.

Did you get tickets?
Are you looking for tickets?
Are you looking for ticket swaps?
Need help/directions on getting to the show?
Not sure what the arrangements and rules are for the particular venue is?
Are you just bloody excited?
Do you have a review for the show?
Did you take any pictures... share them here!


New Coldplayer
Mar 17, 2009
No tickets yet. Might have to pay 3 or 4 or more times the ticket price.

I was part of a presale on March 13th, but still could not get tickets. I see that there are many for sale by scalpers on sites like e-Bay. This is so sad. I was so excited to find out Coldplay were coming to my city, and was sure I would get tickets with the presale. Now I have to decide whether I can afford to pay 3 or 4 times the price (or more) for tickets.


Green Light, 7/11
May 16, 2008
Care if I tell you a story?

First off look at my signature. Three of those concerts before the two Coldplay shows were labeled Sold Out, and I got tickets.

I'll start with the Police, I was online the day the tickets went on sale, but I was up against the world. no tickets, then I checked back often, then one day it happened. I got tickets! Damned good ones too!

Foo Fighters, were sold out. Checked Ticketmaster often, nothing. Then my cousin gave me two for a Birthday present.

Coldplay, well they played Pemberton, I could get no one to go. Sadly forgot about it, gave up. Then 4 days before the show got tickets to the Sunday! I changed my shift at work and got to see Coldplay.

The moral here, dont give up! Dont buy those dirty bastards tickets and vindicate them. Wait and you'll get tickets, and if you do need to buy from a scalper, wait closer to the show, demand and price will go down.