[31-Dec-2012] Coldplay @ Barclays Center, New York, NY, USA


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Jun 24, 2003
A little late but here goes.....

Mike and I went down to Barclays early to have a look around. We were meeting Chelsea and NY Mike( I know too many Mikes :p ) before the show. We had a walk around the venue. At the back we saw the black SUVs leaving. We must have just missed them coming in. :(
We could hear them sound checking Auld Lang Syne.
Chelsea and Mike showed up and the 4 of us went for a drink before the show at a small bar across the street. When we went to queue, the line was very long. So we walked to the doors at the back and practally no one was in line there. Always pays to scout. Tried to convence NY Mike to come in with us, but haters gotta hate. :lol:

We were all sitting in different sections which sucked. Was hoping they would get upgraded but I don't think they did any upgrades for this show. The seats down front must have been the ones they were auctioning.

The security guy on the floor told me what times they would be coming out. Jon Hopkins himself was in the sound booth spinning the music before Coldplay. I got to say a quick hello to Dan Green before the show but he was busy and we didn't get to talk much. I wanted to ask him about Latin America and WTF happened, but guess that'll have to remain unsolved.

Here We Go Magic- How Do I Know played and then no Jay Z but instead right into BTTF. Guess playing Jay might have confused some people as to who was coming out. :lol:

Coldplay's set:
Sound was screwed up for the first 3 songs. Instruments cuttnig out and then no sound at all. Finally sorted and rest of night went off OK.

They cut the X stage part to just PoC. Would have loved to hear Warning Sign one last time. :( Chris started Fix You out on the X stage before running to the back.

Chris intoducing his kids and their friend from the C stage. It was cute. :wacky:

I was pretty much expecting Jay Z to come out for Lost just wasn't sure where they would put it in the show. Cool top hat. :cool:

DJ Cassidy intermission:
I have been to see Jay Z before and knew he always has a DJ spinning and people get up and dance and go crazy. It was really a fun time. Everyone was dancing ...the ushers were dancing people to their seats and just stopping and dancing with anyone near by. :lol:

Jay Z:
The time clock appeared on the big screen and started counting down. Chris was singing Auld Land Syne. There was balloon and confetti drop. Chris stayed out for Run This Town dancing like a white boy with his kids. It was adorkable! :wacko: Jay Z also played a shortened set. I expected the kids to come back out for Hard Knock Life. Chris came out for Heart of the City. Jay played Song Cry which Gwyneth had joined him for before but not tonight.
Jay ended with Empire State of Mind. He walked off with his band playing Radiohead's Everything In Its Right Place. :cool: See Mike, Radiohead...you should have joined us. :lol: He also said he'd like to make the NYE show a yearly thing. If so I am so going back!