Anyone collecting signed merchandise?


New Coldplayer
Sep 18, 2017
Hello fellow Coldplayers!

I'm new to the forum, so I hope i'm posting this in the right place and don't offend the mods or community.

Ever since I first met a very young Chris and Guy at the Social in Nottingham on 14th March 2000 to interview them for my university newspaper ahead of their gig at the venue, I've had in my possession a black and white Parlophone band photo, signed by Chris and Guy with a personal message saying it was their very first competition. They also signed a copy of the wonderful EP, The Blue Room and their previous single at the time Shiver. They played Yellow at the gig which was an awesome song and sent the band into the stratosphere.

After the gig, the bundle went missing in my flat, and I found it years later in my university possessions box.

I am now in an unfortunate position where I need to part company with this pack of mint signed memorabilia and I imagine there are members of this forum who would find pride of place in their homes or collections for a rare bundle of early signed artefacts like this.

If you do collect signed Coldplay items and you would like to see pics of this and/or talk to me about buying them, please drop me a PM with your details and i'll follow up.

I am not a dealer, just a Coldplay fan fortunate enough to have something wonderful like this in my possession.