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AROBTTH: What Were The Orginal Track Listings?

Discussion in 'Releases' started by bgze33, Oct 7, 2017.

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  1. bgze33

    By:bgze33Oct 7, 2017
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    Oct 7, 2017
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    Ive been reading up on my favorite album and come to find out, there was a different track selection for AROBTTH. As Wikipedia puts it: "By June 2002, the band had completed AROBTTH, but thought their output sounded "rubbish" and reached an agreement with the label to postpne the release of the album until they were completely satisfied. Subsequently, many songs were discarded because they sounded like they could have been on Parachutes. Martin has claimed that it would have been uninteresting: "It would have shown that we're happy to sit back on what we'd done, and we're not. For us, it's important to progress and try to improve upon our abilities as musicians."" I want to try and find out what the original track listing was before release. I have had no luck in my searches so far.

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  2. I ran away

    By:I ran awayOct 7, 2017
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    Apr 10, 2015
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    I don't think anyone knows for sure what the original tracklisting for the album had been, or if they had even chosen a complete tracklist from the material they had recorded by that time, but here are some points to start with:

    - Clocks was originally shelved for LP3 until Phil persuaded them to put it on LP2, it was the last song to come on the album, so surely it was not on the original tracklist
    - A Whisper has been described by Chris as most likely to have been a B-side
    - I Ran Away has been described on a Parlophone promotional disc sticker as "almost made the album", so it may have been on the tracklist at some point
    - This 2002 journal entry from Will https://web.archive.org/web/20030920050531/http://www.pleasureunit.com/coldplay/item.php?id=30 also sheds some light on the recording of the album, and it says that "songs like Animals, Idiot, I Ran Away and Murder were chucked" in late 2001
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  3. ColdplayingfromKansas

    By:ColdplayingfromKansasOct 11, 2017
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    Dec 27, 2010
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    To add to I Ran Away's post, it's been reported that in the later stages, the album was constructed as a sort of response to the 9/11 events. "Politik" in particular was supposedly written in the week following 9/11 and is based on Chris's realization of his own mortality. I'm not sure to what extent the inclusion of other songs were affected, but "Politik" certainly was.

    As for the "sounding like Parachutes" comment, part of that, as I recall, was the band's desire to prove that they weren't "bed-wetters" or something along those lines. Parachutes as a whole was pretty soft and calming, so the natural response to the naysayers was to give their next album teeth. Hence, the choice to include a loud and brash opening with Politik, the guitars on GPaSUYF, etc.

    "Animals" was the last song to get axed, as I believe it was swapped out for Clocks once the latter was written.

    There are couple of other song titles out there floating around that we don't know much about, so it's hard to say whether they were ever in real contention for a spot on the album. "Deserter" is one of those.
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