Coldplay inspired me to make my own music


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Sep 4, 2014
Hey fellow Coldplayers.
Even though I don't lurk around the Coldplaying forums as much as I should be, I just wanted to say that Coldplay were the band that inspired me to make music. I saw them live in Bangkok 2 weeks ago and it was the most incredible thing, I get goosebumps just thinking about the concert, and it felt so surreal at the time (it still does). It was incredibly emotional as I have (cheesy) loved the band for such a long time, and I have a special place in my heart for them. I remember when I was 10 listening to X&Y on the speakers in the living room for the first time (dad bought the CD) and the sounds I had heard were the best sounds I had ever heard at the time. After that moment, my obsession started. Every album, most B-SIDES, it sounds a little creepy, but I have nearly listened to every single song just like everyone here, and it feels awesome saying it, because I never do, but I developed such a love for the band. Now i'm 16 (profile says 21) and I have recorded, mixed, and performed my own songs, and I hope I can continue this. Sorry for the overly cheesy thread, I just needed to tell someone about how I feel, and I feel like you Coldplayers are the best people to tell. I'm so grateful that Coldplay exists, they have changed my life.

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- One of my songs!
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