Do you think YES should have its own music video ?


Walker Kitty
Oct 6, 2009
I have no idea why, but it is my fave from VLV. I can't explain it. But, followed very closely by Violet Hill.

Anywho, even though I love the song, I don't think there should be a video. Again, I don't know why I think that, I just do.

I was pretty bummed that they didn't perform it live, but there is probably a good reason. I'm guessing the reason is one of the following:
1. There is a distinct string (violin, viola, whatever) that has its own important part. True, VLV has strings also, but it has multiple string instruments that we all know they couldn't pull off live, so we accept that it's just in the sound mix (and they are just doing it on that little ol' TV set). But it would be strange to have the string in "Yes" just mixed, that needs to be done explicitly live, and unless they bring what's-his-name in there to do it, it just won't work.
2. The song is a confession from one of them, so they would feel awkward performing it live, in an effort not to royally pi** off their current (or former, in Guy's case) significant other. The album was released in summer 2008; which means at the latest, they finished writing all the songs in early 2008, but they probably started writing in 2006 (or possibly earlier since they are always at work). So, "Yes" could be a confession about something that happened at any point during that time frame. "sin stay gone..."


Just my opinion.