Everyday Life - Live in Jordan on YouTube 22 Nov


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Aug 29, 2005
Exactly! Replace that AOAL with Politik!

Politik and Arabesque in the same concert? My head would have exploded.
oh, I havent seen AOAL yet. I wouldnt replace AOAL for Politik though, i'd like to have at least one song from each era, and that the best one from LP7 imo


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Jul 11, 2006
oh, I havent seen AOAL yet. I wouldnt replace AOAL for Politik though, i'd like to have at least one song from each era, and that the best one from LP7 imo
Oh hell no! Not the best song at all. I would have gone for Birds. Heh.


Sep 9, 2015
Maybe it works like this
Still nothing.
"The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you're not in. "

i think one of the reason this is not streamed live is because you can't sing when it's pray time in islam , so i love how they respect that
Well wouldn't they be singing at pray time anyway, even if it wasn't streamed live? I'm assuming that Sunrise/Sunset are their praying times.

I did a little more research and it turns out that they have five praying times, but only two are applicable for this situation: Fajr and Maghrib. As Fajr ends before the sun rises and Maghrib begins after the sun sets, Coldplay's timeframes lined up perfectly as it was. The Sunrise perforrnace began just as the sun rose, and the Sunset performance ended as the sun set. So, if singing isn't allowed during those times, they just skirted around them anyhow, whether they truly played it live or not.
I still honestly don't think they truly streamed it live as they were playing it from there, as this looks too cinematic and well done to be the case, but they also wanted to preserve the true nature of the original performance, so excluding backing tracks they didn't edit much at all.
It's probably just that they wanted to "simulate" a live performance and so they didn't actually stream it, they only streamed it at those times so they lined up with sunrise and sunset like the theme of the album. They did perform it live but there was most definitely some post processing involved to make it a better end product, just like with Live 2014. The videography in both Live 2014 and Live in Jordan look very similar as well. They even did one song away from the main stage like Oceans: Old Friends.
I'd say that's why it wasn't truly "live". I was expecting that, but this didn't turn out any worse, I really did like these performances a lot!

Was there any exclusive content for premium users?
Road to Jordan was the exclusive footage.
This is a link to YouTube, you'll need premium to watch.
I think somebody on here uploaded it for us all to enjoy free of charge though..... or at least somebody said they would
Premium members also got access to no ads. I lucked out because my brother has a Premium Family account, I actually asked him if I could use his account specifically for watching the exclusive content and the performance without ads (the double ads every single time on mobile were getting extremely annoying as well) and he just decided to pay a few dollars more a month for a family account so we could all enjoy Premium, was sooooo worth it.

i hope someone creates a live ablum of it by reocrding all the parts as coldplay arent
I mean, we already have the clips on YouTube anyway so it isn't a huge deail if they don't.
Like another user on here said though it would be nice to see a fully post processed version, perhaps even physical releases, to see the best version of the performance shine.

I do remember the old smileys, they were the best! I think they disappeared when the old forum software broke (literally, it was very weird). I still have them all saved on my harddrive somewhere

my inner nostalgia enthusiast has asked @Stephen to bring them back multiple times but I think he doesn't like them
oh damn! can you send them to me plz?
i really like the old emojis a lot more than the new ones in either case, would be an honor to have them!

And that was for US peeps only. -_-
I was in Canada and could access it fine without VPN.

I don't think they'll do a world tour again. It's impossible for a tour to have a positive impact on environment. But we already have the chance to see them in the past. They accomplished what they want. I don't think they need to tour again.
but I want a chance to play with the balloons during aoal and get closer to the stage :sob:

Yes the sax/horn players weren’t wearing in-ear monitors so that’s probably why they were out of time with the click track. I guess that kind of stuff happens when you’re playing live though!
Also goes to show it wasn't just a backing track.
I liked the variations the sax guy did and didn't notice him go too out of time.
I honestly prefer the horns on the live version to those in the studio, they sound so much more full of life, they breathe, they're raspy, etc.... I liked Arabesque for its horn section but I always thought they kind of sounded a little dry.

But Old Friends — not live and lip synced? It’s like a kind of music video insert; I’m not sure why they did that.
None of the performance was truly live, there was a lot of post processing going on.
But it definitely wasn't performed during sunset, it was like on another stage in the middle of the day.
I think they wanted to do something similar with what they did with Oceans in Live 2014, play it away from the main stage so to have a more intimate performance.

View: https://twitter.com/coldplayxtra/status/1198349763856490496

Looks like they also played Trouble in Town! We missed in on the discord.
What's "Femi Jam"? :eek:
Hope some of these performances are uploaded somewhere!
I think it's really cool though, that they did one global performance only meant for YouTube, and then they let the crowd join in for the performance the night after.
And obviously it wouldn't be a "Sunrise/Sunset" performance as you don't want people to come for just half an hour, then come again for another half an hour, the thing with Live in Jordan is that each part definitely felt really short, but I get what they were trying to do, play Sunrise at sunrise and Sunset at sunset, and both halves of the album being rather short the performance would feel far shorter than most concerts.
Which wasn't a huge concern, but I know how a Coldplay concert feels and how it lasts so long, then for this to only last half an hour each..... Not a huge concern, but just something I noticed, it did definitely feel very short, and was over before I knew it. Like too many things today. :joy:

An Interesting question perhaps for Jimmy Dushku... was Church live or playback?
There seems to be a consensus that at the very least Church's vocals were lipped, and I have to agree.
A lot of everything else sounds too perfect to be live too but maybe some portions were live.

And they filmed it completely, including drone footage. Hopefully we'll get to see some of it.
Here's hoping!
Maybe they'll combine that footage and the YT performance for a Live in Jordan official release :eek:

although that DOES NOT fit this era in any way so no :(
Probably Fun being the saddest song on the album would be the best fit, Kaleidoscope sounds too similar to Bani Adam and it's a less fleshed out version of it. Maybe they could play that sample at the end, Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound or something.


Dec 1, 2018
Beautiful concerts, even though you could hear Chris’s vocal strain on Sunset (does he have a cold?).
As we could read in today's article about Coldplay in The Sunday Times Chris had completely lost his voice a week ago and I am astonished that he was able to do the three concerts in Jordan. It was of course noticeable that he had vocal problems but luckily he managed to 'survive'.


Dec 1, 2018
But with this darker era and an era that closely resembles their earlier stuff, I would have thought they’ll drop some songs like SJLT and AOAL to include some of the older songs.
We must remember it was only the second time they played for an all-Arab audience (the first being in Dubai) and of course they wanted to make sure the majority of the crowd knew at least some of the songs. SJLT is their biggest hit as far as sales and downloads are concerned so it was understandable that they included it into the setlist. That 3rd concert in Jordan was a risk to some degree as the audience's reaction was not entirely predictable. I don't think the people were specially selected, everyone could buy a ticket. I know from experience that mentalities differ a lot between western and middle-east people. The fact that the audience responded so well and with so much joy shows that Coldplay's music is really universal, and that makes them outstanding and great.


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Nov 19, 2010
I need the Amman public performance asap. </3

One random appreciation tidbit - the strings on Champion of the World. I didn't terribly notice that on the album version, but it works so well live!!!!