FTFF 2024 Music of the Spheres


Mar 3, 2014
^ This god please this.

It's not that they aren't incredible when it's just the 4 of them with backing tracks, but when you see other bands like Arcade Fire or The 1975 bring other instrumentalists on stage, it really raises the music to another level.

I was lucky enough to see Coldplay on the AHFOD tour and the most AWKWARD song was Hymn for the Weekend because there was nobody playing the horns and it felt like Jonny and Guy just kind of fake played some of the percussion on little pads. Literally was the only moment during my show where the crowd felt out of it.

Now imagine they had Femi Kuti playing the horns and extra percussion for Hymn for the Weekend so Jonny and Guy could add extra guitar and bass? It'd be sweet. Chris performed on BBC with others and it was awesome.