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I Made A Clocks Cover!


The deeper that the knife goes in the more you win
Feb 5, 2019
Hey, everybody! I made a Clocks Cover with my MP9000, Roland Electronic Drum Kit, Ibanez Guitar and Line 6 Amp, my Casio CGP-700 Keyboard, and my Yamaha Bass! (I forgot the bass name...)
I would like to hear your opinions on this, and how I can improve my mixing!
This link also includes the stems if you want to use them.
Cover: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/5rabij88gfs4raz,qhe0n0kz4j0ostj,29dsr7br0e2g3f3,8b0m7bvwge6dve5/shared
Cover Stems: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/xgyw3botq0ymjsk,at32xvb1ixrezqw,1411bagclwxpbmd,dt6w6cgku12h57g,amnkotrweccsb6s,go8of127o1oi8zn/shared

P.S.:Sorry about getting that ending riff on the guitar offbeat...
...I might also want to redo that drum track with better levels on that hi-hat...
...and ride cymbal...